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State of Content Marketing Report 2020

Successful marketers always keep up with the latest trends. To help you do this, we analyzed 600,000+ tweets, hundreds of thousands of search queries, 1,200,000+ blog posts, and surveyed 1,500+ marketers across the globe.

Download our free 2020 report to gain insights for your content strategy.

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How-To Guide On Content Marketing Strategy

People engage with content nowadays in fleeting moments, drawn to whatever is eye catching, funny, or emotional. The same can be said for B2B content as well. Whitepapers, eBooks, case studies – they’re all similar in the eyes of a reader. That’s why the strategy of how you develop, deploy, and track your content is incredibly important. In this guide, we’ll look through each one of these aspects. Take your content marketing strategy to the next level and increase sales and marketing ROI; download the white paper.

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Selecting a CX tech stack for long-term success

A great customer experience is paramount in today’s competitive digital-first world. If you’re not prioritizing these experiences, you’re falling behind. Becoming an experience-led company isn’t easy. It requires strong leadership from marketing—and an integrated CX technology stack that combines best-of-breed technologies to make it happen. Learn how to “Become an Experience-
Led Business with an Agile CX Tech Stack” with Adobe and Partners latest eBook.

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In these specialized sections, we’ve compiled advice, insights and resources on an array of trending topics from our sponsors.

2020 Benchmark Report for Webcasts and Virtual Events

Download the 2020 Benchmark Report to learn about recent trends and best practices in the webcasting and virtual events industry. You’ll gain actionable insights on planning, marketing, and hosting an engaging online experience.

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The Extra 1%: Delivering a memorable content experience

Your customers expect memorable, unique content experiences. However, most companies fail to fulfill these expectations, leaving behind a trail of unhappy and unsatisfied customers.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to consistently deliver the extra 1% and provide customers with a memorable content experience.

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Use Sales Enablement as a Guide to RevOps

Experience is now more important than product. Eighty-four percent of customers agree.

This means that to be competitive, the companies that excel at creating compelling experiences across the entirety of the customer continuum are the ones that win.

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Additional White Papers for Marketers

'I Do!' Engaging in a Committed Online Relationship: How to Grow Your Base of Support Online

Nonprofit and political organizations are constantly looking to build online connections to better fundraise, advocate, communicate and organize. But how do you get people to actually opt-in? And how do you know which online avenues to try?

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Building Your eCommerce Measurement Playbook

10 Timely Tips for Effectively Measuring How Your Brand Is Performing Online

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Differentiate Your Business in Meaningful Ways with Touch Technology

Fresh Ideas for Empowering Corporate Communications

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End User Cyber Fundamentals

This course teaches about end user security risks related to everyday online activities such as using email, social media, storing data on public cloud, and using IoT devices. The course analyzes the security and privacy risks end-users should know to recognize threats like online scams, typosquatting, spoofed websites, and others to keep themselves and their organizations safe.

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Ending the Quarterly Update Crisis

Increase Operational Efficiency & End Your Quarterly Pitchbook Update Headache.

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Gaining the Competitive Advantage with DAM

Elevate your brand management to win with customer experience

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Omnichannel Is No Longer Optional: Connecting the Contact Center Customer Experience

Master omnichannel service and triple customer retention.

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Reach Your Target Audience With Facebook Analytics

Learn how to analyze the metrics that matter for your enterprise company.

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ROAS: The Golden Metric of Marketing

Discover how to measure and optimize for return-on-ad-spend.

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The Art of Using Data to Nurture Your Best Leads

Marketers, discover how to use data to uncover the full potential of a lead.

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