Unleashing the Power of Partnerships

By Andrew M. Davis

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About the Book

What if you thought like a television executive? If you stopped buying time or space and invested in something you could own? If you tapped a trend or created a movement? What if you authentically embraced your most loyal fans? What if… you became a brandscaper?

Brandscaping is a colossal, invigorating idea from one of the brightest minds in media and marketing today. It’s symbiotic marketing that can fund start-ups, aid non-profits, even change entire industries. It begins with one very simple observation – a rising tide lifts all ships. In today’s online universe, everyone has an audience. The customers you want are already the fans, followers, friends and subscribers of other brands. Brands your next customer has a trusted relationship with. Herein lies the opportunity to pool your audience with other companies and even undiscovered talent to create content that drives demand for the products and services you sell. The opportunity to Brandscape.

In this brilliant and groundbreaking book, media and marketing strategist Andrew Davis uncovers how unconventional content partnerships lead to unparalleled marketing success. Brandscaping is both an intellectual exercise and a practical guide written by an entertaining storyteller. It’s a refreshing, insightful take on how marketing and media will work together in the future. It is specifically crafted to be embraced by c-suite executives and implemented by savvy marketing professionals. Brandscaping is more than a great read. It’s an infectious idea. Are you ready to start brandscaping?

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Who Should Read this Book?

If you want to increase demand for your products, create content—lots of it. Not just any content, but great content. Great content shows people how your product or service can impact their lives. It gets people to buy your stuff more often—for the right reasons—and leave more satisfied. But creating great content—the right kind of content—isn’t easy. You’re going to need partners. You’re going to have to brandscape. If you want to increase demand, this book is for you and it’s worth every penny.

About the Author

Andrew-Davis-150x150Drew Davis’ inspirational, unconventional, and sometimes controversial concepts are a product of his diverse life and business experiences. His childhood acting career makes him a highly-engaging and entertaining speaker at trade shows, conferences and corporate events around the world. His television writing and producing contributed to his theories on how to build a relationship with a valuable audience through the generation of great content powered by exceptional talent. He honed his marketing and product development skills in the first dotcom boom which shaped his business-oriented approach to driving real revenue and results. Finally, his co-founding of Tippingpoint Labs, led to the practical fusion of his varied experiences servicing brands that sell everything from consumer products to subscriptions.

Drew Davis got his start in the media business at a young age appearing in television commercials and voicing over radio spots for brands like Cadbury, Chevrolet, Six Flags, and McDonalds. By middle school, he’d started his first business – a magic and marionette show for kids – while he performed in operas and musicals with stars like Dame Joan Sutherland and Dukes of Hazard star, John Schneider.

After graduating from Boston University’s College of Communication with a degree in Television and Film (and a minor in philosophy,) Drew stepped behind the camera, and off the stage, to start producing call-in, public affairs programming at a local television station. From there he helped support the growth of the cable news network explosion by joining VideoLink producing segments for NBC’s Today Show, CNN, FoxNews, CNBC, the BBC, and many more. It’s there that he had the opportunity to pitch, write and produce segments for television icon Charles Kuralt’s syndicated program, American Moments.

Drew chased his dream job to New York and landed as the production manager in the Muppet workshop for the Jim Henson company helping contribute to the success of television shows like Sesame Street and Bear in the Big Blue House, and films including Muppets From Space and Elmo in Grouchland. The technology boom in the late 1990s sparked his interest in new media and he rode the wave through start-ups that included, The Stock Market Photo Agency, ThinkAgent Technologies and Sallie Mae Solutions, filling roles that ranged from marketing to product development. In 2001, Drew and his business partner, James Cosco, founded Tippingpoint Labs as a fusion of their experience. Jim’s television background and training as a journalist, combined with Drew’s media, technology, and marketing expertise led to landing clients that ranged from financial services to consumer packaged goods and publishers to technology brands.

For more than a decade, as Tippingpoint’s chief strategy officer, Andrew rallied his team to change the way content creators think, authentic talent is nurtured, and companies market their products. Today, he’s traveling the globe sharing his insight, experience, stories, and optimistic ideals through his wildly fascinating speaking engagements, guest lectures and workshops.

If you’ve made it all the way through this biography and want to learn more about Drew or tap into his creative approach to almost anything you can track him down at his website or give him a call at (617) 286-4009. He’ll be glad you did.

Andrew Davis, Speaker, Producer

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Q & A with Author Drew Davis

Why should content marketers invest the time in this book?

I’ll let you in on a little secret from one content marketer to another. I wrote Brandscaping as a way to secure larger and larger budgets from my clients. Yes, the book is all about partnering with other brands, undiscovered talent, non-profits and associations to create compelling content (another reason you should read the book.) But, the book lays out in extremely compelling ways how to re-focus the marketing dollars going to public relations, advertising, and in-authentic spokespeople to create better, more effective content. So, whether you’re in charge of your company’s content marketing initiative or you run a content marketing agency, I suggest you read this book then give a copy to your c-suite executives. It’s guaranteed to increase their belief, and their investment, in your content marketing strategy. I can’t give you your money back if it doesn’t work, but I can offer you some free advice. If you’ve read the book, and you’re not seeing the results you expected – go ahead give me a call (617) 286-4009. Seriously.

What will they learn here that they won’t learn anywhere else?

Brandscaping is a new marketing methodology designed for the 21st century and it uses content as the centerpiece of a corporate marketing strategy, instead of just another quiver in your marketing arsenal. You won’t learn that anywhere else. A brandscaper turns marketing expenses into content assets. Sure, the methodology leverages everything from social to traditional media, but only if it’s tied to a solid content asset backed by a personality – what I call a content brand. Brandscapers think like television network executives and less like marketers which allows you to take advantage of tried-and-true television truths. Truths even your CEO can relate to. Brandscaping is truly a unique way to approach content marketing. Inside my book you’ll find stories, case studies and ideas you won’t find anywhere else. 

Why did you decide to write this book? 

I speak to about five thousand people a year at events across the globe. I’ve been doing this now for three years and many people who’ve attended my seminars have profoundly changed the way they market their products and services to great success. The problem is, I’m only one guy and I deeply believe the ideas, insights, stories and concepts I share in my speeches can help millions of business owners and marketers be more successful in a digital age. That’s why I wrote Brandscaping – to help everyone solidify their marketing vision around one big idea. I wrote this book to change the marketing world. I wrote Brandscaping to share my successful strategies with you. With this book I can scale my strategies and watch them evolve by learning from people who mold these ideas and turn them into their own. I wrote Brandscaping for you.

What was missing from other books that you are addressing? 

There are thousands of wonderful marketing books. I’ve read tons of them in the last decade. But no one – literally not a single person – has taken on the paradigm shifts across every marketing discipline and built a holistic marketing strategy. No one has leveraged the best ideas from public relations, advertising, social media, talent management, television programming, radio production, publishing, or even new media and built a new way of marketing. It’s taken me eleven years to do it and the result is this book. So what’s missing from every other business or marketing book on the planet? A singular marketing strategy that mashes up the best of what works and throws away the rest. This book will help you stop doing things you shouldn’t do and empowers you to invest in the things that move your market.

What are the key takeaways for content marketers?

Brandscaping – the entire book – is about great content and its ability to drive your business. It’s designed to help you sell content as a corporate asset instead of a marketing expense. It implores you to leverage old ideas – ideas even a CEO can understand – to help your company or your agency build intellectual property that is intrinsically worth more than it cost to create. But the key take away from this book is that a great content strategy can’t be a singularly pursued exercise. You’ll need to partner with the right brands, undiscovered talent, non-profits and associations to move rise the tide and drive new business. You’ll need to leverage the audiences of others and pool your resources to see the power of your content realized as a titanic force that has the power to change your industry.

Do you provide any templates, worksheets, checklists, step-by-step guides, or case studies that will help content marketers? If so, briefly explain what kind of tools you provide.

Brandscaping isn’t a “how to” book. It’s a “how to think” book. It’s not a tactical guide it’s a practical methodology. That being said, every chapter in this book includes a section called “Ask Yourself”. Those sections are designed to give you a place to start. A way to apply the lessons you’re learning to your unique situation and business. There are too many checklists and tactical “to-do” books on the market. I believe that marketers are some of the smartest, creative minds in the world. I want you to use your brain. I want you to tax your team. I want to think about what you’re doing before you do it.

I have produced an interactive reference guide (as a companion piece) to be used alongside Brandscaping. That iBook (available at a low cost) will help you find all the examples, references, ideas, tools – and yes – even a few checklists to help you leverage what you’ve learned.

What was one of your favorite things you learned while writing this book?

The one amazing thing I learned writing this book is that viral success can be reverse-engineered. Time and time again I uncovered seemingly amazing “overnight” online content success stories that where actually the result of the same tried and true elements used to create television dynasties and depression-era soap operas. While the press, the public, and even marketers focus on the explosive overnight sensations, there’s a recipe we can all follow to greatly increase the chances we’ll effectively move our market. Brandscaping uncovers those formulas. It’s time we all started looking at how content is consumed and why it’s successful so we too can reap the benefits.