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10 Most Common Content Marketing Questions: Real-World Insights for Enterprise Marketers

CMI_EntprEbook_CoverNo matter how long you have been learning about and using content marketing, you likely have questions about this ever-changing discipline. Or, maybe you know get questions from others and are looking for validation or a different way to answer them.

As a team, we get a lot questions that we answer in interviews, blog posts, emails and more.

This eBook answers those most common questions for marketers who work for larger brands — but the insights will likely help anyone.

  • Why are companies using content marketing? What are the benefits?
  • How do I convince my management team that content marketing works?
  • How long will it take for us to start seeing positive results from the program?
  • My company wants to bring in more sales leads. How can content marketing help us do that?
  • What are the best ways to build an audience with content?
  • How do I measure the effectiveness of content marketing?
  • Why are some companies successful with content marketing while others are not?
  • How do we determine whether our business should buy or build a content platform?
  • What’s the content marketing technology stack, and how do we start to build it?
  • Our organization is new to content marketing — where do we start?

The insights have been shaped over time as, quite honestly, the way we would answer some of the questions now is different than what we would have said a few years ago.

And, because some people like short and sweet while other like in-depth, each question has both a quick and longer answer.