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Analytics Videos From the Digital Analytics Association

The DAA ceased operations in May of 2024, but much of the evergreen content the membership organization created and curated lives on in this archive. Note: As the DAA content ages, links may break and presenters’ titles may change, but the concepts remain sound.

Problem-Solving Skills for Data Analysts

Solving data analytics problems often requires the expertise of multiple teams. And that means the path from problem to solution gets convoluted. This structured process will help you find solutions to complex analytics problems (and save time on future challenges).
A person pulls a boulder up a steep hill next to the headline Why Organizations Struggle With Analytics (and How To Overcome the Struggles)

Why Organizations Struggle With Analytics (and How To Overcome the Struggles)

Many organizations have digital analytics tools and teams, but they still struggle. This approach to developing an analytics process will set your team on the road to actionable insights. 
Care and Feeding of Digital Analysts

The Care and Feeding of Digital Analysts

How do you find and keep good data analytics staff? Study this practical advice on interviewing, onboarding, and retaining talent based on insights from managers, directors, and analysts who wish their bosses had a clue.

From Zero to Hero: Your Path to Digital Analytics Career Success

What skills will get you from where you are today to the digital analytics career you really want? Learn what to focus on at different analyst levels so you can excel and advance.
Turn data insights into a story. Statements without explanation will always be questioned.

How To Find Insights and Stories From Data

Effective analysis of digital data takes both analytics and communications skills. Learn a structured process to help with both in this 20-minute video.

3 Keys Data Practitioners Need to Present Insights and Inspire Action 

Wouldn't it feel great if stakeholders acted on your analytics and marketing insights? You can make that happen with these four data presentation secrets.