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The Sweet Spot

SweetSpotThe Content Inc. model is dependent on first identifying the sweet spot. Simply put, the sweet spot is where your particular fields of knowledge and your skill sets intersect with a passion point — something you feel is of great value to you personally, or to society at large.

Example of the sweet spot:

Known as “The Chicken Whisperer,” Andy Schneider is the go-to resource for everything chicken-related, having grown his hobby of backyard poultry farming into a personal media empire.

Image via The Chicken Whisperer
Image via The Chicken Whisperer

After raising and selling chickens from his Atlanta-area home for a while, Andy had built a strong knowledge base on what it takes to run a successful backyard poultry business. Soon he realized many of his friends, neighbors, and other customers were interested in starting farms of their own, but they needed to be educated on how to get started and to provide proper care for their livestock.

Passionate about sharing his expertise, Andy decided to form a Meetup group in Atlanta, where he could answer questions and provide guidance to his fellow farmers.

Image via The Chicken Whisperer
Image via The Chicken Whisperer

The club met several times a month, and as it grew, local media started to take notice. Andy was interviewed by the local CBS affiliate, which was picked up by Atlanta’s major newspaper, The Atlanta Journal Constitution. From there, Andy’s The Chicken Whisperer platform spread like wildfire, branching out into a book, a magazine (with over 60,000 subscribers), and a radio show, which has now run for over five years and has amassed more than 20,000 weekly subscribers. He also travels around the country doing road shows that are exclusively sponsored by Kalmbach Feeds.

Next steps

Finding your sweet spot is a great start. But since many people might have similar skills and interests, you will need to determine how to make your content stand out from the competition. This is where your content tilt comes into play.

Need additional guidance?

Get a super-simple template for identifying the sweet spot for your Content Inc. business. Download our e-book, Six Steps to Building a Content Inc. Empire.

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