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The Content Tilt

ContentTiltOnce you’ve found your sweet spot, the next step is to put your own personal spin on the content you will create as part of your Content Inc. enterprise.

Your content tilt is what separates you from everyone else in your market area. It’s your unique perspective on your content niche, which creates an opportunity for you to attack, lead and, ultimately, own the category. Without “tilting” your content just enough to tell a truly unique story, you risk blending into the rest of the noise and being forgotten.

With the content tilt, you need to ask, “Can we be the leading informational provider in this content niche?” If you don’t believe you can, you haven’t drilled down deeply enough to find the right angle for your business.

Example of a content tilt

Sydney, Australia’s Ann Reardon is known as The Baking Queen of YouTube. Ann, founder of the How to Cook That baking site, regularly creates and distributes videos that feature baking tips, recipes, instruction, and ideas. Of course, there are thousands of resources on the web for baking, so how did Ann differentiate herself and get her content to stand out?

Ann specializes in unusual recipes, like desserts made from five pounds of Snicker’s bars, or cakes made to look like the Instagram logo.

Image via How to Cook That
Image via How to Cook That

When Ann identified her sweet spot (by matching her skills as a food scientist with her passion for teaching) and looked for ways to put her own spin on the subject, she came up with a powerful and unique approach as her content tilt: Impossible Food Creations.

Next steps

With your unique approach in mind, it’s time to start building the base for your platform of content.

Need additional guidance?

Find out how you can use Google Trends to identify potential angles for your content tilt. Download our e-book, Six Steps to Building a Content Inc. Empire.

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