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TikTok’s New Mission Connects Brands And Creators 🙌

TikTok is on a mission to help both brands and content creators get more from the platform. The video-driven platform introduced Branded Mission, an initiative that helps creators fulfill brand campaign briefs (and get paid for their work). Though TikTok calls it a form of advertising, Robert Rose says it’s really about crowdsourcing and boosting content to build relationships.

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Aired: May 20, 2022

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Hello everybody, Robert Rose here with the news. It’s what’s new and what’s important in the world of Content Marketing. It’s the news you need to lead in the practice of Content marketing and content strategy.

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The news item this week comes from TikTok.

TikTok announced that it’s launching a new advertising product for marketers that has a lot of ties to content marketing. The new product is called Branded Mission – and it allows creators to connect with brands and then receive rewards.

The way this will work is that marketers can launch branded campaigns – a creative brief giving instructions on what they’re looking for – to encourage other content creators to create content that meets the requirement of the briefs.

Content creators who want to participate can then create that content. The brand can select their favorites, and the creators will benefit from a cash payment.

Put most simply: Brands can go on TikTok, boost a post, and the creator gets a share of the money it paid to boost the post.

TikTok believes this is a way for brands to create relationships with creators and test the market for different kinds of content marketing efforts.

To be clear – they didn’t say content marketing – they’re calling it a “creative way to support creators and help brands reach users on its platform with relevant content.”

The announcement also includes a new way for brands to put their content near the top 4% of all videos on TikTok. This is not unlike Google’s Search Placement.

Also, the company has announced a new Creative Agency Partnership (they call it CAP University) designed to help agencies become TikTok experts.

Put all of this together, and you can see TikTok is having a bit of a moment – and is ready to capitalize on connecting content creators with brands that want to use entertaining and addictive content as part of its strategy.

Our take: We’re starting to see more and more brands on TikTok – even B2B brands. And video is becoming an increasingly important part of content marketing strategies. So, boosting posts and crowdsourcing content is an excellent way for brands to pay their way into understanding content that can reach new audiences.

We can easily see just about any company having a much wider window to using TikTok as a media strategy. The question for brands used to be, “What the heck would we create to be on TikTok?” Now the question is, “Can we find the kind of content we wish we could create and align ourselves with it.”

This can be a win-win for content teams at brands and independent content creators looking for sponsorship.

And that’s three minutes of news you need to lead in content marketing. I’m Robert Rose. Remember, it’s your story. Tell it well.

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