Turtl, a CMI Content VIP

Turtl helps you publish content people want to read. Our software allows anyone to create premium interactive content without the need for design or coding skills, and track engagement in detail.

Designed for data-driven businesses who want to create more value through their content, Turtl uniquely combines psychology with interactive content creation and analytics capabilities.


Free Email Course: Supercharge Your Content Ops for Growth

Content operations are quickly becoming a priority for the most successful companies in the world. Marketers who understand and can lead this strategic function can deliver immediate value and long term growth. Get 20 days of bite-size email lessons that bring together best practice and new ideas from content experts.

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Quick Guide: No events? No problem

There are some things you just can’t plan for – like an event marketing sized hole in your pipeline. We at Turtl put together a guide on how to operate in a world without events and still hit your MQL and growth targets. Read on for the best creative ideas and tips from fellow marketing teams, because we’re all in this together.

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Free Email Course: 30 Days to Unforgettable Content

Level up your marketing content with this email-based course. You’ll get daily insights, grounded in cognition and psychology, that you can apply right away. You’ll love this course if you’re a forward-thinking marketer with a growth mindset, and you care about creating content that gets read, not just published.

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How to Measure Content Performance

Get to grips with measurement, from setting objectives to scoring results. Our guide covers the 5 questions you should ask to set content objectives, example metrics for across the journey, how to analyze your data, and more.

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