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ScribbleLive is a content performance company that provides global brands with the data insights and content solutions they need to better attract, convert, and retain their audiences.


How To Transform Your Static Content

You have already invested resources on researching and building content for your buyer’s journey—no simple (or inexpensive) feat. The question becomes, how can you make the most out of that investment? Use this tool to learn the most effective ways to repurpose your current content and increase engagement while building stronger customer profiles.

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How to Use Live Events to Create Engaging Digital Experiences

Looking for new ways to optimize your brand’s message? So was Bell Media. Learn how Bell Media utilized Engage by ScribbleLive to help in the digital execution of two of their biggest yearly events, with features like social pinboards and dynamically showcased social media content.

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How to Write Copy that Will Make an Emotional Connection

Emotion is everywhere. So how can we best utilize the power of it to craft copy that will connect with our audiences? Through careful planning, you can experiment with different emotions in your headlines and other copy—and with testing, you can tweak that messaging to be even more impactful. Get our top four tips for making an emotional connection with your content marketing copy.

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How Can AI Help Your Teams Stay Ahead of Market Trends?

It’s safe to say that artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way we do marketing, but how can it be used to inform our content strategy, support our sales team, and keep tabs on competitors? Learn how you can use predictive intelligence to fuel your future content, with three tips for successful planning.

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