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PostBeyond is an employee advocacy solution that enables employees to share company and industry content with their personal social networks. Leading brands use PostBeyond to empower their workforce, amplify their brand and spark social conversations that lead to sales.


2019: The Customer Benchmark Report for Employee Advocacy

Having core benchmarks to measure against will give you a better understanding of how to launch or scale a successful employee advocacy program. Check out PostBeyond’s latest 2019 ”The Customer Benchmark Report on Employee Advocacy” to find out the top metrics, strategies, and benchmarks for your industry.

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The Content Amplification Playbook: Maximizing the Reach of Your Marketing

Whether it’s a webinar, whitepaper, or video, content is imperative to a marketer’s success. Although content creation is important, spending time on promoting content to the right people matters most. Check out PostBeyond’s “The Content Amplification Playbook: Maximizing the Reach of Your Marketing” to learn different strategies on distributing and promoting content for greater engagement.

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Webinar: Influencer Marketing Is The New Employee Advocacy

Influencer marketing has gained a lot of buzz lately. At the same time, employee advocacy has become a proven way to build brand awareness through your workforce. In this on-demand webinar, we’ll discuss how companies can leverage employees influencers to expand the reach of their branded content.

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