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Folloze is a provider of an innovative enterprise Account Based Marketing (ABM) Sales Platform, which enables B2B sales teams to use marketing techniques to engage, develop and win their top target accounts.


Marketing the ABM Trifecta

When done right, ABM can incite a Go-to-Market “revolution” for enterprises. In this session, hear from Marketo alumna Carlyn Manly and now Head of Marketing at Folloze, a leading ABM Engagement Platform, how to best enable your “ABM Trifecta” – the collaborative efforts of your sales, marketing and CS teams – to engage, develop, win and RETAIN your top target accounts. Specifically, in this session you will learn:

  • How the key to conversion (both from initial deal or by land-and-expand) is achieved through meaningful digital engagement that is education-driven and consultative – via the “ABM Trifecta”
  • Best practices in defining and identifying your target accounts and how to set them up operationally
  • What we mean by the “Bow-Tie Funnel Effect” and its role in enabling companies to be more customer-centric, while also optimizing for and sustaining revenue growth

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Sneak Peek: Folloze Content Sites

Turn your content into a pipeline machine and see why the importance of delivering meaningful experiences throughout the buyer journey is key to your ABM success. With Folloze you can easily create and launch Website Resource Centers, Knowledge and Regional Hubs, Event Sites and so much more! Experience it for yourself first hand, and learn how to:

  • Drive pipeline, revenue and increase engagement
  • Create personalized digital engagement that keeps them coming for more
  • Win the hearts and trust of your prospects and customers

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