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PAN Communications, a CMI Content VIP

PAN Communications is a mid-size integrated marketing & PR agency with over 160 employees with expertise in B2B technology and digital healthcare. Founded in 1995, PAN helps brands craft compelling narratives backed by research, data and emotional intelligence to transform your customer and employee experiences into opportunities to engage, grow and succeed.

Headquartered in downtown Boston, PAN has additional office locations in San Francisco, New York, Orlando and London, as well as a growing virtual community throughout the US and UK. From emerging growth start-ups to later stage companies, our teams are experienced with driving integrated strategy across a variety of brands like Rapid 7, 908 Devices, Payoneer, UPS Capital, athenahealth, Radial, Optimizely, PointClickCare, Citrix, Reify Health and Veeam.

Creative Storytelling – Connected Content – Results that Matter!

Report: 8th Annual Content Fitness Report

Year after year, marketers continue to have a content problem. The struggle is evident as we aim to craft a solution that is both effective and efficient.

PAN’s 8th annual Content Fitness Report explores the state of operational content marketing, and what it will take to deliver content sustainably, creatively and at scale.



Use our key findings and takeaways to help you get ahead of 2022 planning:

  • Balancing cadence and utilization.
  • Building an employee experience that leads to advocacy.
  • Creating a social community that fosters connections.
  • Developing content across generations.
  • Defining the impact and limits of purpose-driven marketing.

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Guide: How to Tell a Compelling Brand Growth Story

Whether you’re 6 months or 2 years out from a potential IPO, it takes a team to tell a cohesive growth equity story. Is your team ready?

Lifted from the firm’s NXT Stage framework, this guide helps align departments and skillsets to identify the right audiences, diversify your channels and pull in the right experts to help support each piece of the puzzle.


  • Where do your customers and employees come into play?
  • What type of content should you be prepared to create?
  • How do you weave brand purpose into your story?
  • Which teams should align on story narrative and success?

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Template: Better Align Your Content Distribution Strategy

A resource for marketers whether you’re working with limited resources at a small brand or looking to align teams and departments to prepare for IPO.

How can you successfully build awareness and trust, support sales, lead recruitment content, educate customers and tell a single cohesive story at every step of your audience’s journey?

Use this template to:

  • Organize your distribution strategy from start to finish.
  • Amplify your content differently across customer/employee personas and pain points.
  • Personalize distribution strategies based on stage of engagement.
  • Align marketing, sales and HR departments for consistent messaging and positioning.
  • Repurpose existing content using new styles, tones and channels.

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Video: Pace & Community’s Impact on Content Evolution

Last year, Robert Rose and Mark Nardone sat down to discuss the evolution of content marketing. In this video, they reconnect to discuss where things are today.

• How are marketers handling the pressure on pace of content being greater than ever?
• Revisiting silos versus collaboration – are content departments siloed by skillset?
• Is technology working against marketers as we look to build emotional connections with our audiences?
• Are marketers failing to include employees in their efforts to build a community?
• How effective are marketing and HR departments on partnering to build an exceptional employee experience?

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