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ContentCal, a CMI Content VIP

ContentCal is an easy to use, all in one content and social marketing platform, where you can plan, create, collaborate and publish all your content.

Direct integration with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google My business make ContentCal the best social media assistant you ever had. Its inbuilt analytics will even show you how well your content is performing across your channels and against your competitors.

Collaboration has never been simpler with ContentCal’s Contribution forms that allow you to source new ideas from all across your business and customer base, and then when content is ready to publish or discuss, customisable workflows and approvals make it quick and easy for you to collect feedback and sign off from within the platform.

ContentCal’s Content Hub is the perfect central location for you to store and categorise all of your content, along with ideas and inspiration that you can collect from anywhere online (with ContentCal’s web clipper) to come back to later.

You can set up an individual planning channel for every type of content you produce from events and emails to social posts and blogs and then use the Articles feature to draft out and publish your long form content too.

Most importantly, we don’t just support your content – we support you as a marketing professional with ongoing complementary courses, content downloads and events.

Move your content marketing from tactics to strategy

Content marketing experts discuss their everyday challenges and offer real life solutions, for businesses of all sizes, on how to make the most of your resource and overcome obstacles.




The Content marketing Report 2022

Find out what separates the top 25% of marketing leaders from the mainstream and how 1600 marketers are currently achieving content success.





How to reach content marketing maturity

The ContentCal marketing maturity model describes the journey to content maturity in five stages.






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