“Being Girl” Community

Procter & Gamble

The “Being Girl” online community stems from a similar concept to the “Man of the House” community, also created by P&G, by delivering content targeted toward its pre-teen/teen female audience. The community provides their niche content in an engaging way, using color schemes to compliment the equally colorful content on the site. The content mission is clear: “Being a girl is like being part of a club where everyone knows what you’re going through… at least on some level. Girls have fun. Girls have opinions. Girls have a lot of questions about stuff like PMS, dating, their bodies and even serious subjects like addiction and abuse – just about anything you can think of that has to do with being a girl.” A nice content mission. In a study performed by Forrester Research, P&G found that a microsite like BeingGirl.com was four times more effective than a traditional marketing campaign. Not too bad.

Originally featured in:
How to Develop a Microsite
By Joe Pulizzi

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