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Chief Content Officer — Editorial Guidelines

Chief Content Officer educates and inspires marketers using content to grow awareness and revenues. We seek contributors with a track record of producing well-researched, smartly written articles that provoke, inform, and entertain. We welcome many writing styles, and are particularly drawn to writers with a strong point of view and an informal, edgy writing style. To familiarize yourself with topics and styles, please review previous issues of CCO magazine.

Our Audience

CCO magazine primarily targets senior brand marketers and agency marketers. We speak to a well-informed, highly sophisticated audience. These individuals have experience using content marketing, so CCO articles should move beyond the basics and instead wrestle with more complex, advanced topics.

Feature Articles

CCO magazine publishes up to two well-researched, smartly written feature articles in each issue, often corresponding to a predetermined topic in our editorial calendar. Writers should look to bring a fresh perspective to an issue of high relevance to senior brand marketers and agencies. We do not want articles that simply re-tell what can be found elsewhere, are too broad in focus, or are too tactical in nature.

Feature articles range in length from 800 words to 1,300 words.


The following departments are open to the public for contribution.

The “Tech Tools” department features a handful of technology tools that content marketers use to develop, deliver and promote their content. Writer should explain what the tool is and why it is critical in their own organizations (or that of their clients). Length: 75 words.

Expert Insight” presents a specific content marketing strategy—such as segmenting user data or mobile strategy—and presents the best way to evaluate success in that category. While presented in a narrative form, the article should include a written scorecard of sorts, helping readers evaluate their own work in that category. Length: 500-1,000

Tactician” explores a particular content marketing tactic (e.g. using video) and presents a new perspective, methodology or inspiration. Length: 500-1,000

For Idea Garage, writers may contribute short content examples. Please be sure to review previous entries to understand the appropriate format. Each segment should be no more than 200 words.

Chief Content Officer does not pay any writers for content. Feature writers will be profiled with a headshot and short bio (less than 50 words). Department writers will be credited for their writing on that page. Both feature and department writers may also submit their Twitter handle as part of their byline.

Articles that are presented for submission in CCO magazine may not have appeared in any other publication, print or digital. If you are submitting an article based on an idea or a topic area for which you have previously published (print, digital, blog, etc…), please make that clear with your submission. We expect all submissions to include proper citations for any ideas, text or data that is not original.

If you have any questions, story ideas, or completed articles for submission, please contact:

Clare McDermott, Chief Editor clare at contentinstitute dot com
Sarah Mitchell, Australia Editor sarah at globalcopywriting dot com
Nenad Senic, Europe Editor nenad at disput dot si