Science, Snack Foods, and Snail Jokes Boost Consumer Morale

June 16, 2020

Fresh content marketing ideas, including unlikely social celebrities, exploring the journey to a Coronavirus treatment, and Zooming into a galaxy far, far away. Continue reading

Tech for Eating, Netflix Cheating, and Taking Selfies on the Moon

February 18, 2020

Fresh content marketing ideas, including a dating app from KFC, Apollo’s moonshot, Netflix cheating stats, and ice cream for breakfast. Continue reading

From the Art of War to the Tech of Art

October 14, 2019

A smorgasbord of fresh content ideas, including Google’s Art Zoom series; the Australian Red Cross take on Game of Thrones; outdoor retailer REI’s new magazine; and Deloitte’s Business Chemistry. Continue reading

Tasty Content = A Dash of Color and a Pinch of Personality

July 8, 2019

A smorgasbord of spicy content marketing fare concocted from only the freshest ideas; including Bumble’s new print mag, Colors of Carlsbad, and Adobe’s Creative Types. Continue reading

Flash Drives, Skateboarders and … Uritroittoirs?

April 1, 2019

A portfolio of fresh content marketing ideas, including Flash Drives for Freedom, Vans’ Girls Skate India, and Squarespace’s Casting Call podcast competition. Continue reading