Tech Gives – and Takes

The right technologies are essential for content marketing success. Full stop.

But most marketers struggle to get the full value from the tools and systems they have. And that affects more than marketing performance. It can ripple all across the organization – and seep into customer experiences, too.

This month, we’re looking at how to make more strategic decisions about technology, how to manage the data it provides, and how to apply the resulting insights to improve content programs. But retaining a human touch – no matter how tech-centric our strategies become – will always be key to creating content our audiences can’t wait to see.

Stephanie Stahl Sig
Stephanie Stahl
General Manager, CMI

August 2020

If You Can’t Give a Customer a Cookie

Tim Hayden

Delivering a customer-centric content experience is the ultimate marketing goal. But data management issues and an impending seismic shift may prevent you from reaching it. Use these approaches to bridge the chasm that will be left when Google and Apple end third-party cookie tracking.


Give Your Event Content a Virtual Makeover

Live events give marketers powerful opportunities to please audiences. Can the same be said for their online counterparts? See how those who have shifted to virtual events found success – and where they feel there’s room for improvement.


Don’t Say Yes to the Tech (Until You Do This)

You’ve got a problem. The latest and greatest content technology promises to solve it. But before you dive in, take a step back. An ad-hoc approach could cause more headaches in the long run. Here’s what to do instead.


So You Think You’ve Built an Audience? Not So Fast

You built a database of leads. But unless you can turn those casual hand raisers into an engaged audience, you’re letting marketing value slip through your fingers.

July 2020

Can We Do More Than Talk About Diversity?

Jodi Harris

Brands that sit out of the conversation on racism and discrimination risk leaving influential consumers out in the cold – and a lot of potential revenue on the table. But before you take a stand, take some advice from these four diversity warriors.


After the Fail: How to Repair and Rebuild Trust

Content marketing can help build trusting customer relationships. But what happens when we fall short of delivering on our brand’s promise? Here’s what to do to recover and come out stronger than ever.


Friction and Disruption Aren’t Always Content Enemy No. 1. Here’s Why

Incorporating differing opinions, collaborative friction, and dissenting ideas into your creative processes adds powerful dimensions to your marketing conversations. Even better – it can also improve your marketing results.


Betraying Your Audience’s Trust? Grandma Wouldn’t Approve [Video Extras]

This month, Andrew Davis dresses down an Academy Award winner for failing to make amends after her clothing line got snagged in a content controversy of its own design.

June 2020

4 True Tales of Content Career Transformation

Jodi Harris

Looking to evolve your career despite (or because of) the employment crisis? Take inspiration from the stories of four content leaders who faced an uncertain future and came out with a deeper passion for their work – and remarkable career success.


What It Takes to Succeed as a Content Leader Now

The marketing landscape has never been more uncertain; but adopting specific skills and practices can expand your career opportunities. Three industry experts weigh in on steps you should take to evolve your role.


Science, Snack Foods, and Snail Jokes Boost Consumer Morale

Fresh content marketing ideas, including unlikely social celebrities, exploring the journey to a Coronavirus treatment, and Zooming into a galaxy far, far away.


Break the Content Team Rules to Turn Anarchy Into Agility

Move away from outdated rules and tired processes with an Agile approach that will keep your team members highly focused and functional – and keep everyone else from blocking their progress.

May 2020

Fight These 4 Fears to Make Positive Change Happen

Gina Balarin

When content leaders fail to advance their new content ideas, fear is often the culprit. Before you can disarm this destructive force, you need to know which kind of enemy you are dealing with.


How an Age-Old Brand Attracts New Audiences

AARP The Magazine is remarkably spry for a 62-year-old content marketing vehicle. Deputy editor and B2C Content Marketer of the Year winner Neil Wertheimer shares how his team stays agile and focused while serving an audience that’s constantly evolving.


Want the Best Ideas to Flourish? Learn How to Cultivate Support

Content marketers rely on creativity to bring innovative ideas to life. But all the creative genius in the world won’t matter if you don’t plan how you’ll inspire others to join your vision quest.


Yes, You Do Need New Personas Now

Marketers are struggling to adapt their demand-generation messaging on the fly. Agile buyer personas could be the key to establishing the right connection.


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