Dear Marketers,

Before you go chasing the next big thing, do us all a favor: Fix your email newsletter or kill it.

I love that you’re excited about AI and ABM. I too have read the predictions that podcasts and Alexa Skills are the future of everything. We’ve all heard the same experts touting video marketing’s coming of age, the promise of influencer marketing, and the rise of the all-knowing chatbot.

But before you race off and start investing your time and energy on whatever some wise internet sage claims is the next big thing, do yourself a favor: Stop doing something that’s not working before you add something new.

Why? Two reasons.

One; for your sanity. The time and energy we can expend is finite. Which means the more channels, tactics, content, and strategies we pursue the more overwhelmed and exhausted we get. When we’re overwhelmed and exhausted, are we capable of doing anything exceptionally well?

And two; for your audience’s sake. Which is why I’m asking you to rethink your email newsletter. While you get swept up by the ABM-hype monster, your email newsletter is on autopilot, and it’s wasting your audience’s time. If it’s wasting your audience’s time, it’s probably not delivering results. If it’s not producing results, maybe you shouldn’t be sending it.

Which means you have two options: strike it or fix it.

Here’s the deal: if you kill one marketing activity each time you chase a new one, you’ll make better marketing decisions, deliver higher value, and quickly realize that a lot of that hype is just hot air.

Whether you wanted it or not,
Andrew Davis