The first issue of Bumble mag on a grey table.

Dating App Bumble Launches Lifestyle Magazine

Bumble is the latest company to launch a print magazine, joining brands including Airbnb, Casper, and Away. Bumble made news when it launched in 2014 as the first dating app in which the woman had to make the first move once two users matched. Since then, Bumble has expanded its business model to help women find friends and even career opportunities.

Bumble Mag, launched in partnership with Hearst, features dating, friendship, and career advice along with celebrity profiles, product guides, and self-care mantras. One way to get a free copy of the first issue is, appropriately, to match with the magazine’s profile in the Bumble app. The rest of the 150,000 copies are being given out to Bumble ambassadors – marketers and event hosts – to distribute.

The magazine isn’t the only way Bumble is connecting with women outside the app; the brand hosts popups and events at “Hive” spaces where programing ranges from panel discussions with female entrepreneurs to online dating seminars and fitness classes.


Pantone colors next to matching tourism activities.

Carlsbad + Pantone = Colors of Carlsbad

What color was your last vacation? To find out, Visit Carlsbad partnered with the Pantone Color Institute and marketing firm HireInfluence to publish the 2018 Colors of Travel study. They analyzed a mix of outdoor adventure and lifestyle travel photos with high engagement on social media to reveal trending themes and the color psychology that informs them. The outcome of this research was the reveal of the trending colors of the year.

For Carlsbad, Calif., this knowledge informed the Colors of Carlsbad, which showcases how these colors come to life to form a representative palette of the city – its ocean beaches, floral fields, and colorful attractions. On the town’s tourism website, you can explore a map for sights and activities that reflect these Pantone colors, from a seaweed massage at a local spa (Eden) to the blue waters of Carlsbad Lagoon (Island Paradise). You can also see which Carlsbad bars have created cocktails inspired by the trending colors.



Chef Ludo Lefebvre.

23andMe Entertains and Educates

Chef Ludo Lefebvre has built a brand being French. The accent, the attitude, the food – anyone who has tuned in to watch Lefebvre appear on a cooking show would never mistake the chef for anything else. But when Lefebvre partnered with genomics and biotechnology company 23andMe to learn about his ancestry, he learned that there was more to his heritage than he thought. On season seven of Ludo á la Maison, Lefebvre is showcasing dishes inspired by his newfound roots and putting a French spin on foods like shepherd’s pie, meatballs, and pork schnitzel.

23andMe hopes that Ludo’s story will inspire foodies to use the company’s product to learn about what tasty dishes are in their DNA. Beyond this partnership, 23andMe has a wealth of content to educate the public about genetics. Spit is an iHeartRadio podcast hosted by writer, activist, and comedian Baratunde Thurston. The podcast invites musicians, artists, and other cultural influencers to talk about how DNA testing is changing perspectives about identity, family, and race. Meanwhile, DNA Download is a 12-part educational video series in which 23andMe employees explain the science of genetics. The series is hosted on 23andMe’s website for students and educators.


A face constructed from various fabrics, textures, and materials.

Find Your Creative Type with Adobe

Are you an artist? Thinker? Dreamer? Producer? Creative Types by Adobe Create is designed to help you discover your creative personality by answering a series of 15 binary questions. For example: “I tend to see life through 1) systems or 2) stories,” and “Dip your toes or dive in head first?” The results reveal your creative strength, untapped potential, and ideal collaborator.

While online personality quizzes are a dime a dozen these days, Creative Types stands out with clever typography, colorful design, and playful animations – a smart way to show off what customers could achieve with Adobe’s suite of products. Adobe makes it easy to explore the eight creative personalities and share results on social media using the #mycreativetype hashtag.

But the smartest content feature just might be the option to download your results. The zip file includes images and interactive media sized and formatted for a variety of social media networks, as well as a full-page PDF designed to be printed and shared. It’s easy to see members of a team taking the quiz and posting their individual results in their cubicles or on their office doors.