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About CCO

CCO is created for chief content officers and other marketing leaders who believe content is a strategic business asset.

CCO showcases how content leaders find success, examining the strategies, teams, processes, and technologies they use. Each issue contains expertise, advice, and opinion to help you excel in managing your content marketing; from creation and distribution to promotion, measurement and beyond.

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Meet the CCO Team

General Manager
Stephanie Stahl

Jodi Harris

Creative Director
Joseph Kalinowski

Project Management Consultant
Angela Vannucci

Public Relations & Video Consultant
Amanda Subler

IT Consultant
Dave Anthony

Marketing Director
Amie Cangelosi

Chief Strategy Advisor
Robert Rose

Meet the full CMI Team

Sponsorship Inquiries

Drew James
Strategic Account Manager (East Coast)
[email protected]

Peter Loibl
Head of Sales
[email protected]

Karen Schopp
Strategic Account Manager (West Coast)
[email protected]