By Clare McDermott published December 23, 2014

Star Shares What Content Marketers Can Learn From The Entertainment Industry

Academy-Award winner Kevin Spacey opens up about nurturing creatives in the entertainment industry, collaborating with non-media brands, and crafting binge-worthy stories. He also shares why the distribution platform no longer matters. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published December 13, 2014

This Week in Content Marketing: Chipotle Calls on Best-Selling Writers for Soda Cups

In This Old Marketing episode, Joe and Robert talk content marketing spending, Chipotle’s content on the bag, and more. They also ask which is better – more or fewer article links? And Joe wants to know if Conan O’Brien went native. Continue reading

By Mike Carrozzo published December 3, 2014

Wearable Technology: Content Fit for Storytelling

Amid smart glasses, watches and other intelligent accessories, a wearable device that aids in the storytelling process may seem to be the most natural fit of all. Discover how wearable tech can inspire your content marketing future. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published October 25, 2014

This Week in Content Marketing: Have We Ruined Storytelling?

This week, Robert and Joe ponder the ANA’s acquisition of the BMA, dig into the smart reasons Copyblogger is killing its Facebook page, explore the implications of yet another content agency mega-deal, and discuss “priceless” advice from MasterCard’s VP of global digital content. Raves include a fascinating Meet Me at Starbucks video and a timely reminder from the late management guru Peter Drucker about the current period of great transformation in our industry. The show wraps up with a #This Old Marketing example from Qualcomm Spark. Continue reading

By Ann Gynn published October 7, 2014

How the Entertainment Industry Can Influence Your Content Marketing Job

Content marketers may not have cause to shout, “lights, camera, action.” But like Hollywood icons, we are all looking to make a connection with the audience. Take a look at how some of the presenters at Content Marketing World 2014 view a content marketing job through the lens of an entertainment studio. Continue reading

By Bryan Rhoads published September 11, 2014

7 Ancient Archetypes Your Brand Storytelling Should Use

The way we tell stories has changed — from oral traditions, pictographs, and dance, to the modern printing press, film, and television, and beyond — but the fundamentals of a good story persist. The real challenge (and the one that will keep marketers employed) will be accomplishing good storytelling across this ever-evolving landscape. Learn more about 7 ancient archetypes you can use for modern-day success through your brand storytelling. Continue reading

By Sarah Mitchell published September 7, 2014

Brand Storytelling: Turning Casual Fans into Passionate Followers

Many brands build communities and acquire fans, but precious few turn casual fans into passionate followers through their marketing strategy. One notable exception is Black Milk, a quirky Australian fashion brand. Find out how Black Milk uses brand storytelling to chart the future of retail, social cliques, and the so-called “third shelf.” Continue reading

By Carla Johnson published August 25, 2014

Build Strong Brand Storytelling From the Inside Out

Our employees are at the heart of what makes brand storytelling come to life and create meaningful experiences for customers. If we expect to be able to go “all-in” with successful content marketing, we have to think about the role our employees play in getting us there. Find out how to build strong brand storytelling from the inside out. Continue reading

By Ann Gynn published August 22, 2014

Purpose-Driven Content Marketing: Brands That Give and Get

Purpose-driven content marketing is a way for a business or brand to bond with a target audience based on shared needs and interests — including interest in supporting a worthy cause. Get more perspective on the topic — and examples of brands that do it well — from CMI contributors and online training instructors and Content Marketing World speakers. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published August 16, 2014

This Week in Content Marketing: Storytelling, Steroids, and the Southern Pacific

In this episode, Robert and Joe offer constructive advice on ways to address the issues raised in John Oliver’s recent diatribe on native advertising. They also cover content marketing’s use by venture capitalists, Demand Media’s poor quarterly report, and Budweiser’s “Whatever USA” program. Rants and raves focus on the NFL and Continue reading