By Amanda Peters published March 14, 2013

6 Keys to Creating Engaging Content Using Facebook Graph Search

As Facebook Graph Search evolves, CMOs and their teams should ensure visibility in both Graph Search and users’ news feeds by sharing engaging content with their audiences. Use these 6 keys to create engaging content using Facebook Graph Search. Continue reading

By Doug Schumacher published July 18, 2012

Facebook Engagement Tactics: A Subject Analysis that Will Help You Discover Emotional Triggers

Here’s a look at Facebook engagement tactics; a subject analysis that will give you a better sense of what is working well on Facebook. This analysis focuses on the automotive industry — specifically, on trucks — but there are takeaways for content marketers in any industry. Continue reading

By Patricia Redsicker published January 31, 2012

Amy Porterfield Shares Some Facebook Techniques that Really Work!

Facebook can be a tough nut to crack for content marketers. This Q&A with expert Amy Porterfield gives you the essentials on how to find your target audience and use the vastness and power of Facebook to reach your goals. Continue reading