By Amrit Hallan published May 10, 2012

How to Survive the Google Penguin Update with Effective Content Writing

Whether or not you were negatively affected by the recent Google Penguin update, you should take steps to ensure you won’t get caught in the fray when something like this happens. How? With effective content writing. Here are the essentials to get you on the right track. Continue reading

By Clare McDermott published May 8, 2012

The Future of Search: An Interview with Google’s Sam Sebastian

Sam Sebastian, director of local and B2B markets for Google, answers questions about the future of search. Continue reading

By Kathryn Hawkins published March 19, 2012

4 Ways to Tell if You’re Getting the Right Visitors to Your Business Blog

It’s nice to have high traffic on your website, but the number of visitors your site receives does not tell the whole story. Try these strategies for assessing whether your business blog — and other content marketing efforts — are reaching and engaging the right audiences. Continue reading

By Shawn Naggiar published March 12, 2012

Tips for Creating Effective Email and Landing Page Content

Email messages and landing pages are popular marketing tactics, but they must be customized and carefully targeted to be effective. Here are some tips to make sure your efforts get noticed and that your audience finds what it was looking for in your content. Continue reading

By Brad Shorr published March 7, 2012

Everything You Need to Know about Using Title Tags in Content Marketing

Title tags are the most important onsite ingredients for SEO because they explain to Google and other search engines what each page is about. They contain a small mass, but pack a big punch. Here are the essentials on how title tags work and how you can best use them to get results for your content. Continue reading

By Andy McCartney published March 1, 2012

A “Digital Ocean” Model for Keeping Your Content on Course

Working with the concept of a “digital ocean” can help you stay on track with your targeted audience. Use this model to help chart your course in the pursuit of “fishers” and “swimmers.” Continue reading

By Brad Shorr published February 2, 2012

The Essential Guide to Meta Descriptions that Will Get You Found Online

With the rise of social media, meta descriptions are more valuable than ever. Meta descriptions are little snippets that appear in search engine results and with links shared on social media sites. Here is the essential guide to crafting meta descriptions that will help your content get found online. Continue reading

By Anna Ritchie published November 16, 2011

How to Meet Google’s Newest Quality Standards for Content

The cute, cuddly Panda bear has struck again. In the midst of Google’s latest algorithm change, many marketers are in a tizzy over how their search engine presence — and ranking — will be impacted. The SEO game keeps changing, … Continue reading

By Toby Murdock published October 26, 2011

Win at Content Marketing by Building Your Influencer Community

More and more marketers are taking up the challenge of content marketing and they are taking on a brand new function in their organizations: It is that of a publisher. The challenges and the new roles do not end there, … Continue reading

By Adam Barber published October 21, 2011

4 Tips for Managing Content Marketing Mishaps

When it comes to content production, you never have to wait too long for the next high-profile gaffe to occur. One that grabbed my attention recently was when the Daily Mail website published the wrong story after the Amanda Knox … Continue reading