By Annette McCrary published May 1, 2014

How Print Magazines Can Contribute to Your Content Marketing Plan

We’ve long been hearing that print is dead. Debate on the subject will continue. Meanwhile, many marketers see great opportunities for brands in the printed channel. Find out how print magazines can contribute to your organization’s content marketing plan. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published April 11, 2014

How Content Marketing Strategy Factors into Success

This week, Joe and Robert discuss whether or not content marketing should just “buzz off,” talk about a strategic approach to content marketing, review a research study on the most credible types of content for brands, and explain why being mediocre in your content creation and distribution efforts is a dangerous proposition, before exploring our #ThisOldMarketing example of the week: NewTekniques Magazine. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published March 22, 2014

Media Companies Are the New Agencies: Native Advertising

This week, Joe and Robert dig deep into native advertising with discussions on the Wall Street Journal’s new native launch and The Guardian’s native play with Unilever, and deliver plenty of rants about publishers and agencies, before revving up the show with the This Old Marketing Example of the Week: The Enthusiast from Harley Davidson. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published March 15, 2014

Why We Shouldn’t Drop the Phrase “Content Marketing”

In this edition of the PNR podcast, Joe and Robert discuss the week that was at SXSW, chat about the latest “Travoltafying” brand trend, and rant about people who rant about the phrase “content marketing,” before getting amped up about the This Old Marketing Example of the Week: Energy University. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published January 5, 2013

Print Is Not Dead! Why Your Company Needs a Book and 8 Tips to Make it Happen

A blog and a book helped launch and grow what is now the Content Marketing Institute. Most companies have blogs. Your company needs a book. Here are 8 tips to help you make it happen. Continue reading

By David Drickhamer published October 1, 2011

The 48-Hour Way to Create High Quality Content

Even if you’ve never been a reporter for your campus newspaper or have never edited copy and page proofs late into the night on a deadline, you can appreciate the … Continue reading

By Nenad Senic published September 1, 2011

Custom Magazine: Small Steps for Big Success

Think that once you send a custom magazine issue to print your job is done (until you start producing the next issue)? There is still a lot of work to … Continue reading

By Nenad Senic published August 16, 2011

6 Steps to Follow When Producing a Custom Magazine

The closer you get to the finish line the less time you have for creative thinking. That’s why thorough planning makes the whole magazine production process easier, reduces the stress … Continue reading

By Nenad Senic published August 2, 2011

Launching a Printed Custom Magazine: What You Need to Do Before the First Issue

Latest research in Europe found that 82% of readers spent up to 45 minutes reading a custom magazine, and 64% of readers returned to it more than once. Can you … Continue reading

By Newt Barrett published May 5, 2011

Write a Book and Change the World: 11 Steps to Creating a Successful Business Book

Great business books change the world one discipline or market segment at a time. They make a measurable difference in how entrepreneurs and executives start, grow, and manage their businesses. … Continue reading