By Dave Schneider published October 1, 2015

8 Free Tools to Boost Your Blog

Do you want to take your blog to the next level? These eight free tools will help you gain analytical insight about your blog and for your blog, make it easy for readers to share, lessen the load time, and much more. Continue reading

By Kristi Hines published September 14, 2015

How to Find the Best Pieces of Content in Your Industry

Are you ready to research the most successful content on specific topics? Discover what content is working in your industry. Learn the difference between buzz and impact metrics, and how to start your content research today. Continue reading

By Robert Rose published September 13, 2015

Is ROI Really What You’re Looking For?

There’s a lot of talk about return on investment as a marketing metric, but ROI is inherently flawed for campaign-based marketing. A new look at ROI might be the remedy to build a case for content marketing. Let’s take a look at why. Continue reading

By Ann Gynn published August 27, 2015

12+ Ways to Use Web Analytics for Better Content Marketing

Bounce rates, time on site, page views – the availability of data about your website can astound even the best content marketer. How do you know what data is important and how to analyze it for your needs? The experts share their tips. Continue reading

By Michael Gerard published August 19, 2015

A Quick Guide to Measuring Your Blog’s Impact on Business

How can you demonstrate your blog’s impact to your vice president of marketing or CMO? You need to measure audience engagement and ultimately the effect on your sales pipelines. Here’s an easy-to-read primer to know what to track. Continue reading

By Julia McCoy published August 16, 2015

The Best 9 Analytics to Help with Content Audits

A content audit is a great way to maintain or improve the quality of your content. Breaking down your website piece by piece and evaluating the analytics provides invaluable information for content development and conversion success. Continue reading

By Scott Severson published June 14, 2015

A Simple Method to Measure Content Marketing ROI

“Content marketing ROI” produces 10 million search results. In that clutter, David Meerman Scott offers a valuable nugget: Base your content marketing ROI on Google AdWords equivalency. Here’s what we learned with that analysis.
Continue reading

By Sarah Goliger published June 11, 2015

5 Ways to Translate Your Content Marketing Goals into Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Content marketing goals are highly individualized, but content marketers can follow a similar process to identify their strategies, create content to address them, and tie them to the right KPIs. Here’s how to tackle five common goals. Continue reading

By Andy Betts published April 29, 2015

3 Steps to Solve the Production vs. Performance Conundrum

While 86% of organizations produce content marketing, only 21% say they are successful at tracking its ROI performance. Learn the three-step solution to the production vs. performance conundrum, and make the case for continued buy-in. Continue reading

By Andrew Davies published April 24, 2015

Use Data to Help Your Engagement Conundrum

How do you create content relevant to your brand AND your audience? Cultivate the data – yours and others – to uncover what really engages the audience. Measure regularly to ensure your content strategy evolves with your audience.
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