By Joe Pulizzi published January 11, 2014

Content Marketing: Dead Already?

In this week’s edition of PNR: This Old Marketing, Robert and Joe discuss a “content marketing is dead” post, a big announcement about Kevin Spacey, and the Netflix big data model. While Robert raves about three amazing new story-based commercials, Joe takes a look into the past with an example from JELL-O. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published November 23, 2013

Announcing The PNR Podcast: Content Marketing News, Opinion, and History

Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose have spoken on hundreds of podcasts, but this time they’ve decided to go out on their own, adding PNR (Pulizzi and Rose) ‘This Old Marketing’ to CMI’s list of high-quality content marketing programming. Check out the first episode. Continue reading

By Elise Gould published November 6, 2013

Affinity Data: Measuring Marketing Effectiveness Without Keywords

Google’s keyword data is disappearing into “not provided.” But no matter: Affinity data is here to take its place and it may prove to be far more useful than keywords. Learn more about how to measure marketing effectiveness without keywords. Continue reading

By Paul Roetzer published November 4, 2013

How to Build A Scorecard to Measure Content Marketing Effectiveness

It’s easier and more affordable than ever to connect activities to outcomes today, but marketers are largely dropping the ball when it comes to monitoring and improving performance. Learn how to build a scorecard to measure content marketing effectiveness. Continue reading

By Andy Crestodina published October 17, 2013

3 Content Optimization Questions That Google Analytics Can Answer

Google Analytics can be intimidating, and too many marketers just browse through charts and graphs without gaining any insights. But Analytics does have answers if you ask the questions in the right way. Find out 3 content optimization questions that Analytics can answer. Continue reading

By Mike Murray published October 2, 2013

12 Ways to Measure Content Effectiveness After Google’s “Not Provided” Decision

Google recently announced that it will expand its “Not Provided” policy by extending privacy protection to its search engine users even when they aren’t logged into their accounts. But don’t despair, marketers. Use these 12 ways to measure content effectiveness in the wake of Google’s newest “Not Provided” decision. Continue reading

By Mark Sherbin published September 23, 2013

A Guide to Content Optimization with Performance Testing

How can you know if your content marketing is pushing the right buttons if you aren’t testing it? Without testing, you’re missing a vital frame of reference — how one piece of content performs against others. Find out how to create a content optimization advantage with performance testing. Continue reading

By Blair Symes published September 22, 2013

Measure Your Content Marketing ROI with Call Tracking

CEOs live by the bottom line, so marketers need to show how their content directly impacts lead generation and the resulting revenue. Find out how to measure your content marketing ROI more easily with call tracking. Continue reading

By Jodi Harris published July 26, 2013

Measuring Marketing Effectiveness: Are New Tools Your Best Strategy?

Virtually every content marketer and brand defines success in its own terms, but most look for a way to judge their efforts against a proven ROI. CMI asked several of this year’s Content Marketing World speakers for their thoughts on new tools and standards for measurement. Find out what the experts have to say about tools and strategies for measuring marketing effectiveness. Continue reading

By Roger C. Parker published June 24, 2013

10-Question Content Curation Scorecard Every Content Curator Needs to Measure Success

In our era of limited time and budget resources, measuring the quality of day-to-day and week-to-week content curation efforts can be a challenge. Use this 10 question scorecard to gauge your ability to discover, share, and create “the best content marketing on the planet” on an ongoing basis. Continue reading