By Joe Pulizzi published March 28, 2014

Social and Search News that May Change Your Content Marketing

This week, Joe and Robert talk about the latest Facebook algorithm change, which pretty much ensures that companies will have to pay Facebook to get their content marketing noticed. At the same time, they discuss Google’s decision to hunt guest blogging spammers. And, after a nice dialog on transparency, Robert covers the bases of this week’s This Old Marketing example. Continue reading

By Christopher Baldock published March 26, 2014

How an Owned, Paid, and Earned Content Strategy Can Power Your SEO

Google’s frequent algorithm updates have reduced the effectiveness of keyword strategies aimed at successful content rankings online. Find out how an owned, paid, and earned content strategy can best power your brand in a semantic search world. Continue reading

By Amanda Gallucci published March 25, 2014

4 Major Problems You Can Solve with an Online Content Audit

By looking at the right metrics in a content audit, you can find solutions to common audience and website problems many organizations face. Find out how an online content audit can solve four major problems and help your online content reach its full potential. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published March 22, 2014

Media Companies Are the New Agencies: Native Advertising

This week, Joe and Robert dig deep into native advertising with discussions on the Wall Street Journal’s new native launch and The Guardian’s native play with Unilever, and deliver plenty of rants about publishers and agencies, before revving up the show with the This Old Marketing Example of the Week: The Enthusiast from Harley Davidson. Continue reading

By Don DeLoach published March 21, 2014

An Investigative Approach to Social Media Content Analytics

Ever-growing streams of social media data hold the secrets you need to reach and engage your customers. Learn how to use an investigative approach to social media content analytics to unlock those secrets for your organization. Continue reading

By Cath Pope published March 20, 2014

Barriers to Effective Content Marketing: Lessons from Australia

Most Australian marketers report that they use content marketing, but only about a third of them think their efforts are effective. The commitment to content marketing is there, but deeper thinking behind those efforts is needed. Find out what lessons we can learn about overcoming the barriers to effective content marketing we all face. Continue reading

By Taylor Radey published March 4, 2014

Prove Content Marketing ROI with a Performance Scorecard

In spite of burgeoning internal support and increasing budget, many content teams still struggle with justifying spend through content marketing ROI, and performance is suffering as a result. Find out how to prove content marketing ROI with a performance scorecard. Continue reading

By Arnie Kuenn published February 14, 2014

Prove Your Commitment to Achieving Content Marketing ROI

The concept of content marketing has been around for more than 100 years, but measuring success in the new frontier of online marketing can be challenging. It’s time to prove your commitment to achieving content marketing ROI. Learn more about types of metrics to measure. Continue reading

By Derek Edmond published February 10, 2014

6 Ways to Measure B2B Content Marketing Performance

CMI research has found that content marketing clients understandably want to be able to tell how their organization is doing in relation to its peers. Find out how to demonstrate B2B content marketing performance in association with three primary challenges: brand awareness, thought leadership, and engagement. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published February 1, 2014

Blog Content: The Future of Guest Posts and Date Stamping

In this week’s edition of the PNR This Old Marketing podcast, Robert and Joe debate a declaration of the demise of guest blog content, argue with analysts’ view of the value of Twitter, and take issue with some blogs’ lack of transparent date stamping, before expressing their admiration of an amazing, electricity-free content creation effort and a surprising video game conference that is becoming a media education resource for its customers. Continue reading