By Joe Pulizzi published August 31, 2013

Corporate Storytelling Lessons from Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey’s comments about the Netflix release of “House of Cards” contains a road map for brand storytelling worthy of global enterprise brands. Use these insights and corporate storytelling lessons from an unusual suspect to give your audience members what they want. Continue reading

By David Germano published August 28, 2013

How Your Editorial Content Can Fuel Big Data Insights

The idea of distributing an article that contains no commercial messaging is still very foreign to many marketers. But any serious investment in data-based ad-buying should be coupled with some investment in content. Find out more about how editorial content can fuel big data insights. Continue reading

By Robert Rose published August 26, 2013

Why Native Advertising Is Neither

Native advertising is really just one aspect of the larger discipline known as branded content marketing. The technique of placing content in the context of a publisher’s site can have significant value, but the term is really a misnomer. Make sure your content always stands out instead of blending in with the crowd. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published August 24, 2013

6 Common Enterprise Content Marketing Traps to Avoid

As content marketing continues to move past the early-adoption phase, more enterprise marketers are taking the industry seriously and jumping in. Find out what traps to avoid and what opportunities many larger brands are missing. Continue reading

By Carla Johnson published August 19, 2013

Are You an Agile Content Creator? 6 Traits of Change Agents

If you want to do more than merely survive as a content creator in today’s unpredictable business landscape, you need to develop an agile learning mentality. Be willing to think dfferently on all levels and cultivate these 6 traits to thrive and prosper. Continue reading

By Robert Rose published July 28, 2013

B2B Marketing Research: How CMO Roles Need to Evolve

Recent B2B marketing research findings stress that CMO roles need to expand and evolve (along with the entire B2B sales and marketing process). Find out what some of the report’s specific findings are and what CMI’s take is on the study’s implications and imperatives for the B2B marketing industry. Continue reading

By Jodi Harris published July 5, 2013

Keep Your Content Marketing Strategy Ahead of the Curve: New Trends

What new techniques and tactics are content marketers using these days? CMI asked a few of the experts who will be presenting at this year’s Content Marketing World to share their answers. Find out from the experts how to keep your content marketing strategy ahead of the curve. Continue reading

By Carla Johnson published July 3, 2013

Want to Keep Your Content Job? Why You Must Embrace Change to Survive

Marketers are living in beta these days. By the time we’ve experienced and documented a best practice, our customers often have already moved on. Our nemesis isn’t our perceived competitors — it’s our customers’ short attention span. Difficult as it may be, you must learn to embrace change to keep your content job. Continue reading

By Arnie Kuenn published June 28, 2013

The Future of Visual Content: 6 Predictions About Infographics

It’s obvious that infographics have become a popular vehicle for content marketing, as visual content can often get shared more than links or text. But will that allure last? Find out what 6 experts on visual content predict for the future of infographics. Continue reading

By Robert Rose published June 4, 2013 Acquires ExactTarget: How It Could Impact Content Marketing

What does the largest acquisition in’s history mean for content marketing? Read on for CMI’s take on the merger’s potential to align content, engagement, and marketing through software. Continue reading