By Manya Chylinski published March 9, 2012

Mobile Content Marketing: How to Market Your Content to On-the-Go Consumers

Marketers have to think long and hard about what content will work best for their mobile offerings. Here are some key considerations, and examples to learn from. Continue reading

By Pavel Webb published January 13, 2012

Why SMS Marketing is a Must for a Younger Audience

The other day, I was in a popular national chain pizza restaurant enjoying a meal with friends. While we dined, I noticed a number of younger people (under 34) showing their mobiles to the server before getting their bill. One … Continue reading

By Ahava Leibtag published June 15, 2011

3 Ways to Test Effectiveness of Mobile Content

Mobile content is hot. There’s no denying it. Over the next 12 months, four out of five marketers intend to increase their mobile spending, according to the new “Mobile Marketing: Plans Trends and Measurability” study by King Fish Media. Just … Continue reading

By Gordon Plutsky published June 2, 2011

New Mobile Marketing Study: What it Means for Content Marketers

With the wild popularity of mobile marketing, you’d figure most marketers would already have a mobile marketing strategy in place, right? Wrong. In fact, a recent online survey found only 33 percent of companies now have a mobile marketing strategy. … Continue reading

By Heidi Cohen published May 25, 2011

Make Your Content Mobile-Friendly

Is your content marketing mobile-friendly? Before you answer, look at these five salient mobile marketing drivers.   Smartphone ownership rises U.S. Smartphone ownership is expected to reach a tipping point in the U.S., according to Nielsen.

By Colleen Jones published May 4, 2011

Take Your Content on Location with Location-Based Services

If you’re going mobile with your content marketing, then consider location-based services (LBS). A location-based service is a network that provides content to your mobile phone or devices based on where you are. Your physical location is the trigger for … Continue reading

By John Nawn published December 10, 2010

Mobile Apps for Meeting Professionals and Content Marketers

One of the most popular tactics used by B2B content marketers is in-person events, which is why I have been excited to see that 2010 has been ‘The Year of the Meeting App.’ What started as a trickle has ended … Continue reading

By Katie McCaskey published November 1, 2010

QR Codes: 4 Tips to Release Content to the Wild

Where are the wild things? Not always on your website – which is why it’s important to release your online content into the wilds of the “real world” with mobile tagging. What’s your tagging vehicle? QR codes! QR, shorthand for … Continue reading

By Doug Kessler published October 18, 2010

Mobile In B2B: The Invisible Juggernaut

Mobile is one of those areas in which, annoyingly, B2C is way ahead of B2B. You can kind of understand why — the CMOs of Pizza Hut and Smirnoff and Pepsi would be fired by now if they hadn’t at … Continue reading

By Jim OHare published August 9, 2010

How to Begin Mobile Content Publishing: Survey Audience Needs

For his skill in anticipating and fulfilling consumer appetite, Henry Ford was the Steve Jobs of the early 20th century. Savvy and a bit cocky, Ford famously patted himself on the back: “If I had asked people what they wanted, … Continue reading