By Michele Linn published January 2, 2015

10 Research-Driven Insights about Content Marketers in 2015

For the first time, CMI looks comprehensively at its 2014 research to identify the unifying challenges of B2B, B2C, and nonprofit marketers in North America, and UK and Australian for-profit marketers. We also offer some help from the archives. Continue reading

By Michele Linn published December 29, 2014

125+ Most Thought-Provoking Tweets from the 2014 #CMWorld Twitter Chats

If you like sound-bite nuggets of wisdom, you’ll like this 125-plus most retweeted and thought-provoking tweets of the more than 42,000 tweets shared on #CMWorld Twitter chats in 2014. Which ones will you retweet? Continue reading

By Anthony Gaenzle published December 19, 2014

5 Ways to Get More ROI From Your Next Conference

You can get more ROI from your conference participation when you create content before, during, and after the event. These five tips will help your brand’s content marketing, and get the bosses to say yes to that next conference trip. Continue reading

By Michele Bollig published August 20, 2014

Take Your Event Beyond Its Venue: 4 Content Marketing Ideas

Marketers continue to rate in-person events as their most effective tactic. You’re probably already using events as a resource for your overall content creation plan, but a common challenge is knowing how to best promote the event so that its value lives on. Use these 4 content marketing ideas to take your event beyond its venue. Continue reading

By Mark Walker published July 1, 2014

4 Ways to Tie Events Into Your Content Marketing Plan

Events can really chew up your time — whether you’re sponsoring, speaking, or just attending. However, they can be a gold mine for boosting all aspects of your content marketing, from research to content ideas to measurement. Get 4 ways to make the most of events and tie them into your content marketing plan. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published May 12, 2014

How to Evaluate and Purchase an Event to Fuel Your Content Marketing

It’s time to get serious about opportunities that abound in content marketing. In developing and acting on your content plan, you almost look like a publisher. Now it’s time for you to start acting like a media company. Find out how to evaluate and purchase an event to fuel your content marketing success. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published September 7, 2013

11 Tips for Amping up Your Content Strategy with Killer Live Events

With Content Marketing World just days away, live events are obviously top of mind for CMI right now. But if your goal as a content marketer is to become the leading informational expert in your business niche, your efforts simply must include in-person events. Use these 11 tips to augment your content strategy with live events. Continue reading

By Mykel Nahorniak published May 6, 2013

8 Ways to Transform Events into Powerful Content Marketing

Find out how to create powerful content marketing from your organization’s events to build your brand and drive engagement before, during, and after events. Continue reading

By Carl Friesen published April 19, 2013

Thought Leadership Strategy: 3 Ways to Leverage Live Event Content

You can boost your firm’s profile with a strong content marketing strategy that leads to thought leadership appearances at relevant industry events. Then use these 3 approaches to repurpose and leverage the live event content into new marketing products. Continue reading

By Michele Linn published September 4, 2012

How to Get the Most out of Attending a Live Event (and Welcome to #cmworld!)

Whether or not you are able to attend Content Marketing World you can follow along. And here is some advice to help you get the most out of attending a live event, with some specific ideas for Content Marketing World attendees. Continue reading