By Joe Chernov published October 25, 2012

How a New “Influencer” App Could be Your Most Powerful Content Marketing Weapon

Little Bird, a new start-up that is essentially a search engine for influencers, might just become a content marketer’s most powerful weapon, because it addresses the practitioner’s three most pressing needs: more content, better content, and wider distribution. Find out how it works. Continue reading

By Mark Sherbin published October 5, 2012

The Static Website Is Dead — Long Live Personalized Content

Content personalization is the next wave of the dynamic web. Find out how you can better incorporate personalized content into your own marketing strategies? Continue reading

By Toby Murdock published September 9, 2012

Can Content Marketing Software Platforms Drive Increased Success?

Looking for a tip to optimize your content marketing success? This study from the Aberdeen Group shows that marketers who use content marketing software platforms get dramatically higher performance. Continue reading

By Stephanie Tilton published August 15, 2012

8 Content Production Tools To Help Marketers Become Publishing Machines [Free Guide]

Ready to evaluate your content production tool needs and start publishing like a pro? Download our free guide for a summary some great technology options. Continue reading

By Jodi Harris published August 12, 2012

17 Techie Shortcuts for Content Marketing

The following time-saving tools might not be the best solutions for the long term, but when you are in a pinch and need to dig your way out of a content chasm, these handy process helpers can really save your sanity. Continue reading

By Justin Gray published August 2, 2012

Content Tips to Get Better Performance from Your Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation software and content marketing make a powerful pair. But the content must match up with what customers actually want to receive. Here are three keys to making your content and your marketing automation software work together to give you the best results for your campaigns. Continue reading

By Jodi Harris published July 20, 2012

What Content-Related Tools Do You Use that You Wouldn’t Want to Live Without?

Content Marketing World speakers get specific about what content-related tools are essential to their day-to-day processes. You’ll see that some of their favorites are old-school, tried-and-true and some are the latest, shiny and new. Continue reading

By Jodi Harris published June 28, 2012

A Decision-Maker’s Guide to Making Smart Content Marketing Technology Choices

Check out our new guide to making smart content marketing technology choices. The Content Marketing Institute and Demandbase compiled the guide to help you sort through and find smart solutions for your business among the tons of technological offerings out there. Continue reading

By Ken Lyons published June 14, 2012

How to Build a Content Marketing Tool Set

Because there are so many moving pieces in content marketing, it’s almost impossible to consistently produce and promote content efficiently without leveraging multiple tools. Here are some great tips on how to build your content marketing tool set. Continue reading

By Amrit Hallan published May 31, 2012

8 Digital Resources to Supercharge Your Content Efforts

Simple writing is essential, but there are certain digital resources and tools that can help you create exceptional content without going crazy. Here are eight such tools and resources that can help you organize your content writing effort and make it more fruitful. Continue reading