By Blair Symes published September 22, 2013

Measure Your Content Marketing ROI with Call Tracking

CEOs live by the bottom line, so marketers need to show how their content directly impacts lead generation and the resulting revenue. Find out how to measure your content marketing ROI more easily with call tracking. Continue reading

By Anna Ritchie published September 19, 2013

How Your Email Content Can Adapt to Gmail Tabs

Has Google scuttled email content marketing opportunities for good? Not necessarily, but it sure got attention and created a challenge for marketers. Be calm and find out how to carry on by continuing to create compelling content and adapting your email practices to Gmail tabs. Continue reading

By Adria Saracino published September 17, 2013

Build a Better Buyer Persona: 5 Creative Data Sourcing Ideas

What people don’t often tell you about buyer persona development is that collecting the data to create them is a lot of hard work. Many marketers use surveys and interviews to learn about their target audiences, but there are other options. Try out these 5 creative sourcing ideas to build better buyer personas. Continue reading

By Arnie Kuenn published August 14, 2013

7 Ways to Use Google Trends to Punch Up Your Content Creation

Imagine harnessing information on the billions of searches performed in Google every year. It could drive your SEO and help you better understand your target audience’s behaviors and interests. There’s a great tool to guide you in doing all of that and more. Find out 7 ways you can use Google Trends to punch up your content creation. Continue reading

By Mark Sherbin published August 8, 2013

How to Use Social Listening on LinkedIn for Real-Time Publishing

Augmenting a typical content strategy with real-time understanding of trends gives content marketers a huge advantage. To join the conversation, you have to hear what your audience is saying. Find out how to use social listening on LinkedIn to boost your real-time publishing efforts. Continue reading

By Lee Odden published August 5, 2013

19 Content Tools to Boost Your Search Performance

A question about SEO tools for content marketers came up in a recent CMI Twitter Chat. Now we’ve gone beyond tweets to offer details on 19 tools to boost your search performance. This list is not comprehensive, by any means. Use it as a starting point for efforts to improve your content’s findability and search potential. Continue reading

By Mary Montserrat-Howlett published July 25, 2013

Create High-ROI Video Content Marketing With Google+ Hangouts on Air

Find out how to create high-ROI video content marketing with Google+ Hangouts on Air. The free, interactive video production tool lets you host video conferences with 10 participants, while other viewers can watch, message questions, and comment in real time. Continue reading

By Jodi Harris published July 19, 2013

Find the Right Content Tool for Your Next Marketing Effort

We all have favorite content tools for keeping up with the demands of online marketing, but a few new recommendations never hurt. CMI asked several of this year’s Content Marketing World speakers about their favorites. Find out what the experts see as the right tools for their content marketing efforts. Continue reading

By Mark Sherbin published July 18, 2013

Use SlideShare to Turn Your Marketing Channels into Lead Gen Tools

Even if you’re using SlideShare, chances are you’re not using it to its full potential. SlideShare solutions consultant Kevin Fisher shares tips on how to use SlideShare to turn any marketing channel into a powerful lead generation tool for content marketers. Check it out. Continue reading

By Shanna Mallon published July 11, 2013

Manage Your Social Media Content with These Top Tools

Whether you’re a marketing manager for a large organization or an entrepreneur looking to build your business, social networks offer great potential for expanding your influence and generating new leads. But keeping your social media outposts filled with relevant, useful content takes time. Manage your social media content with these top tools. Continue reading