By Joe Pulizzi published May 25, 2011

Brand Content Marketing Case Studies: 5 Companies that “Get It” [Video]

Here is a short video we put together for Content Marketing World that covers five content marketing case studies from brands that are doing content marketing right. American Express Open Forum – Focusing on solutions for small businesses. Conditioned Air … Continue reading

By Katie McCaskey published May 20, 2011

Microsite Yields Big Results for PTC

Microsites may be small, but they sure are mighty! Microsites are particularly well-suited to content marketing endeavors. Three reasons: A microsite focuses tightly on a narrowly-defined topic. The concentration of information is a boon for people and search engines alike. … Continue reading

By Tom Pisello published May 18, 2011

Optimize Content Marketing by Facilitating the Buyer’s Journey

Content marketing accounts for more than 26 percent of total marketing budgets annually, according to research from Junta42 and MarketingProfs that surveyed 1,100 marketers. What’s more,  over  50 percent of survey respondents plan to increase their content marketing spend over … Continue reading

By Katie McCaskey published April 29, 2011

Diving into Content Marketing: How Dive Rite Engages its Prospects

Scuba divers everywhere remember that first breath underwater. If you’ve never experienced it, the moment feels strangely magical. Your brain asks, “how is this possible?” despite the gear you’re wearing. Then, with the next breath, you’re ready to explore brand … Continue reading

By Heidi Cohen published April 27, 2011

7 Ways Content Marketing Can Reduce Costs

Before jumping onto the bandwagon that content marketing is just another cost, understand that Americans spend over 10 hours a day consuming content across media platforms. To reach your target audience, it’s critical to be where they are. Creating content … Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published April 13, 2011

I Would Do Business with this Company

I know nothing about the company that produced this video. After watching the video, I’m compelled to find out more about them. Now that’s content marketing! Thanks to Bob Leonard from acSellerant for calling this out.  It’s worth the time.

By Joe Pulizzi published April 12, 2011

The Biggest Mistake in User-Generated Content (Learning from LEGO)

Most marketers we work with want to develop a content marketing program driven, in part, by user-generated content (UGC). They believe that if they can only get their prospects and customers to talk about their brands online in blogs, forums … Continue reading

By Clare McDermott published April 1, 2011

LEGO: From Toy Company to Multi-Media Brand

How does a toy company that sells easily replicable building blocks build an iconic brand? Our April issue of Chief Content Officer magazine explains the strategy LEGO used to fight copy-cat toy companies. In the 1980s and 1990s, LEGO faced … Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published March 28, 2011

3 Things Content Marketers Can Learn from Howard Stern

Say what you will of Howard Stern, the man is a genius. If you get the chance, this article in this month’s Rolling Stone magazine is worth the read. The self-proclaimed “King of All Media” dishes out some pretty amazing … Continue reading

By David Huffman published March 25, 2011

A Content Marketing Lesson From the Study of Spaghetti Sauce

Sometime in the 1970s, Howard Moskowitz was commissioned to experiment and find THE perfect level of sweetness for Diet Pepsi.  That is, what would the perfect Diet Pepsi taste be that appealed to the largest audience? When the data came … Continue reading