By Mark Sherbin published December 2, 2012

3 Brands that Are Expanding Their Online Content Publishing Expertise

Creating your own online publication is no small task. It takes a huge time and financial investment to get a strong publication off the ground. Just ask SAP, IBM, and Sun Life Financial. Continue reading

By Andrew Davis published November 27, 2012

Content Marketing Strategy at the Intersection of Two Brands

Last year, Converse opened a state-of-the-art recording studio in Brooklyn, N.Y. Find out how that studio represents a powerful content marketing strategy at the intersection of 2 brands. Continue reading

By Aaliyah Madadi published November 20, 2012

5 Content Marketing Best Practices to Drive Your Design

There’s no doubt that most content today is being created and consumed in the digital space. So the key to creating engaging digital content is to keep your audience in mind as you design, thinking about how they consume content. Use these content marketing best practices to drive your design. Continue reading

By Mark Sherbin published November 18, 2012

Big Content Marketing Plays From Coke, Pepsi and Red Bull

With this week’s unveiling of Coca-Cola Journey, we thought now might be a good time to take a look at how today’s soft drink market leaders make a splash with content marketing. Continue reading

By Ellen Valentine published October 17, 2012

Brand Content: Get More from Your Marketing with “Triple Plays”

You can always use more brand content — white papers, videos, webinars, infographics — all good. Find out how you can expand the reach of your brand content by planning for marketing “triple plays” right from the beginnings of content creation. Continue reading

By Barry Feldman published October 4, 2012

Say It with Skype: Content Marketing with Booming Beats

The content marketing minds at Skype created a unique e-greeting app that lets users compose a personalized e-greeting — with the help of some famous musicians — and send it along to friends. Hear how Skype created and executed this innovative content campaign. Continue reading

By Rachel Foster published September 27, 2012

Case Study: A Community that Provides Trusted Advice and Drives Early-Stage Interactions and Opportunities

In this case study, Canadian IP communications leader Allstream shares seven tips for corporate blogging success, which were learned during the launch of its expertIP blog. Continue reading

By Pawan Deshpande published September 19, 2012

7 Ways to Organize Your Content for Curation

Whether you are curating or creating content as a part of your strategy, how you organize content plays a powerful role. Here, we take a look at a few outstanding examples of how content marketers manage the organization process. Continue reading

By Mark Sherbin published September 14, 2012

Are Your Calls to Action Missing These Proven Formulas?

How do you classify calls to action? Where do they perform at their best? Two CTA experts weigh in on how content marketers can use them successfully. Continue reading

By Roger C. Parker published September 13, 2012

This 7-Step Content Marketing Plan Earned an $87 Million Paycheck

In this case study, see how a 7-step content marketing plan contributed to a small stereo business’ $87 million dollar buyout deal and a nationwide presence. Continue reading