By Joe Pulizzi published July 26, 2014

This Week in Content Marketing: Weird Al’s Diabolically Brilliant Strategy

In this episode, Robert and Joe discuss the important implications of LinkedIn’s acquisition of Bizo, congratulate blogger Scott Monty on his recent move from Ford to an agency role, and speculate on what will happen to Forbes now that it’s owned by foreign investors. They also ruminate on the continuing fall of newspaper ad revenue and rave about the marketing genius of Weird Al Yankovic. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published June 7, 2014

Native Advertising Gets Its Own Magna Carta

In this week’s episode, Robert and Joe dissect Mary Meeker’s latest report on technology trends, do a deep dive into the elements of the publishing equation that brands are missing, and discuss Conde Nast’s “Magna Carta” guide for native advertising. Raves go to Maya Angelou and a Harley Davidson/Marvel comic book series, and they cap off the show with a #ThisOldMarketing example from C.F. Martin & Co., producer of some of the world’s finest acoustic guitars. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published May 10, 2014

Why Paper May Be The New “Smart” Device for Content Consumption

In this week’s episode of This Old Marketing, Robert and Joe lament the millions in ad dollars pouring into events like Digital NewFronts, when the funds could be better deployed on content marketing. They also debate whether or not native advertising is deceptive, support Marc Adreessen’s prediction on the growth of online news and talk about why the written page may be the smartest “device” for reading in the future. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published May 3, 2014

Content Marketing Momentum Picks Up on Rapidly Evolving Online Channels

In this episode of This Old Marketing, Robert and Joe debate whether or not Google+ is closing its doors, come to grips with the fact that consumers now use the web more than watching television, explore LinkedIn’s latest move to accommodate branded content, and speculate on potential acquisitions that could further the publisher’s goals. Listen in. Continue reading

By Kirk Cheyfitz published April 20, 2014

Why Native Advertising Won’t Survive, Regardless of FTC Involvement

The Federal Trade Commission has signaled it intends to watch — and possibly regulate — how brands and the media handle native advertising. Unfortunately, the agency is only highlighting how out of touch it is with today’s media landscape. Find out why native advertising won’t survive, no matter what the FTC does. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published March 22, 2014

Media Companies Are the New Agencies: Native Advertising

This week, Joe and Robert dig deep into native advertising with discussions on the Wall Street Journal’s new native launch and The Guardian’s native play with Unilever, and deliver plenty of rants about publishers and agencies, before revving up the show with the This Old Marketing Example of the Week: The Enthusiast from Harley Davidson. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published March 8, 2014

Stop Building Your Branded Content on “Rented Land”

This week, Joe and Robert discuss the LinkedIn job bank fiasco and debate whether or not agencies really can do content marketing well. They also share their thoughts on why marketers shouldn’t publish on “rented land” and offer some critical reviews of Facebook’s algorithm changes, before exploring Patagonia’s content initiative aimed at reducing the adverse impact of its social and environmental footprint. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published February 22, 2014

New “Oldest” Content Marketing Example Unearthed

In this edition of the PNR podcast, Joe and Robert talk about GE’s new sponsored content play that’s airing as part of “The Tonight Show” and debate the latest native advertising moves from “The Guardian” and Yahoo before discussing this week’s #ThisOldMarketing example — where a new discovery leads them to revoke John Deere’s title as creator of the world’s first content marketing effort. Continue reading

By Nancy Liberman published February 20, 2014

Why Your Branded Content Marketing Should Put Gaming Into Play

In today’s digital, always-connected marketplace, a new engagement technique is gaining traction. It’s a strategy that combines branded content within interactive opt-in tools like social media, games and events — all designed to foster two-way relationships with consumers. Find out why your branded content should put gaming into play. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published February 1, 2014

Blog Content: The Future of Guest Posts and Date Stamping

In this week’s edition of the PNR This Old Marketing podcast, Robert and Joe debate a declaration of the demise of guest blog content, argue with analysts’ view of the value of Twitter, and take issue with some blogs’ lack of transparent date stamping, before expressing their admiration of an amazing, electricity-free content creation effort and a surprising video game conference that is becoming a media education resource for its customers. Continue reading