By Bernie Borges published February 15, 2012

A Content Strategy For Your Career

Yes, you need it no matter how secure you think your job is. A career content strategy offers a way to strengthen your position and personal brand Have you ever been fired or laid off? Do you aspire to a … Continue reading

By Susan McKittrick published February 15, 2012

Content Curation

A poorly understood content marketing tactic could be your most powerful community-building tool We hear a lot about content curation these days. Some call it a top trend for 2012 and a must-see new technology for marketers. Others say it’s … Continue reading

By Bob Johnson published February 15, 2012

Content Ops – Power Pathing: Put An End To The Era Of Dead-End Assets

There are too many dead-end alleys that buyers wander down when they pursue digital content. In fact, at IDG Connect we find that over 25 percent lead nowhere. They fail to offer in-asset linkage to relevant content. Instead, buyers usually … Continue reading

By Rand Schulman published February 15, 2012

Will Universities Evolve?

Careers in marketing—particularly digital media, content marketing and analytics—are growing. Why are US universities failing to graduate marketable digital natives? US higher education—long a source of pride and differentiation across the globe—is undergoing a true crisis of value and identity. … Continue reading

By Todd Wheatland published February 10, 2012

LinkedIn and the New Age of Influence

Author Todd Wheatland explains how LinkedIn is a window into the changing nature of employment. Employers will no longer rely on your resume, but on your entire digital footprint–a trend LinkedIn is perfectly positioned to determine in the future. Continue reading

By Joe Pulizzi published October 10, 2011

Talking Innovation: An Interview with Pam Didner from Intel

Joe Pulizzi talks to Pam Didner, Global Integrated Marketing Manager for Intel, about secret agent action flicks and Intel’s hip new social platform, The Museum of Me. Joe Pulizzi: The “Intel Inside” campaign from the 1990s transformed Intel from a brand … Continue reading

By Rachel Jellinek published October 10, 2011

What Is B-Roll and Why Is It So Valuable?

B-roll is the extra footage captured to enrich the story you’re telling and to have greater flexibility when editing. Instead of featuring only talking heads on video, you want to have other images you can cut away to that will … Continue reading

By Rachel Jellinek published October 10, 2011

Let’s Talk Video Equipment

For the self-producer, here are some things to consider when selecting equipment: A video camera. This is pretty obvious, of course, but which one? There are thousands from which to choose that will be perfectly adequate for the DIY producer. … Continue reading

By Rachel Foster published October 10, 2011

Diagnosis: Reimagining the Tried-and-True White Paper

Interactive white papers and video white papers are helping revive the reputation of the B2B marketing workhorse. Some say the value of the B2B white paper is slowly eroding under the weight of its success. White papers were once the simple, … Continue reading

By Rachel Jellinek published October 10, 2011

Do-It-Yourself Video?

A video producer explores the limits of DIY and the absolute importance of b-roll. I never argue that all video must be professionally made. In many cases, creating your own video is in fact the best approach. But all of … Continue reading