By Ahava Leibtag published October 22, 2012

How Hospitals Are Hustling as Health Content Creators

Today’s health care consumers — baby boomers in particular — are hungry for reliable health content, and more than ever they are using the web to educate themselves. Find out which hospitals are moving the fastest to become content creators. Continue reading

By Clare McDermott published September 18, 2012

What Content Marketers Need to Know About Interactive eBooks

If it’s true that brands are becoming publishers, then the quiet revolution occurring in book publishing should make us all sit up and listen. Here’s what content marketers need to know about interactive eBooks. Continue reading

By Clare McDermott published September 11, 2012

IQ by Intel: What Content Marketers Can Learn from This New Digital Magazine

Intel’s new digital magazine offers a peek at the outer edge of design, technology, social and big data. CCO magazine interviewed Bryan Rhoads, editor in chief, to find out why IQ matters. Continue reading

By Jonathan Crossfield published September 2, 2012

Hunting Hippos: Winning Approval from the C-Level for Content Marketing

If your business has a “hippo culture,” where decisions always seem to defer to the most senior person in the room, just how do you get approval for your content marketing strategy? Author Jonathan Crossfield shares the lessons he has learned along the way about how to get that approval from the C-suite. Continue reading

By Clare McDermott published August 3, 2012

Infographics Are a Full Meal; Consumer Audiences Need Snackable Content

Although big, meaty infographics are all the rage right now, there is a definite place for smaller data graphics. Consumer audiences need snackable content. Check out these notable examples. Continue reading

By Roanne Neuwirth published August 1, 2012

How to Conduct Research to Engage Executives

Many marketers are daunted by the prospect of conducting research designed to engage executives. But taking the step to talk to your customers and find out what is on their minds is always valuable. Here are some suggestions on how to approach the task. Continue reading

By Bernie Thiel published July 26, 2012

Why Content Quality Matters: The 7 Hallmarks of Compelling Content

Most B2B companies struggle to create consistently great content that connects with target buyers. They can learn a lot from leading professional service firms, which have been honing the art of thought leadership for decades. Continue reading

By Clare McDermott published May 17, 2012

5 Tools to Help PR Professionals with Content Marketing

Chief Content Officer Magazine ask a few contributors what are your top PR tools. Here are their answers. Continue reading

By Natalya Minkovsky published May 16, 2012 A Tool To Help Content Marketers Create Infographics

Content marketers love infographics, but the very best examples look expensive and complicated. Enter The designers behind the beautiful infographics at power the design engine at, helping to make high-end infographics accessible to all. Continue reading

By Matthew Schultz published May 15, 2012

25+ Tools for Real-Time Marketing

Real-time marketing—the ability to monitor, manage and guide your marketing efforts as they occur—is one of the most important areas of marketing today. We’re about to document the 25+ tools marketers need to know about if they’re serious about real-time marketing. Continue reading