By Joe Pulizzi published October 19, 2013

The Content Marketing Industry’s 15 Biggest Milestones to Date

To mark Oracle’s purchase of Compendium, we’ve put together a list of what we think are the 15 most significant developments that have rocked the content marketing industry over the years – from the industry’s early roots to today’s ever-changing landscape. See if you agree. Continue reading

By Chantielle MacFarlane published July 4, 2013

5 Factors to Help Your Content Plan Tame the Lead Generation Beast

From blogs to white papers and case studies to infographics, keeping up with the tremendous demand for content can become an overwhelming challenge. Automation solutions have sprung up, but it’s still a struggle to meet the increased demand for dynamic, targeted content to convert leads generated into customers. Find out about 5 factors that can help your content plan tame the lead generation beast. Continue reading

By Mark Sherbin published January 6, 2013

Oracle Acquires Eloqua: Will Content Marketing Be Impacted?

Just before the holidays, tech giant Oracle announced it had bought marketing automation software vendor Eloqua for the cool sum of $871 million. Here’s a discussion of what the acquisition might mean for content marketers. Continue reading

By Ellen Valentine published October 17, 2012

Brand Content: Get More from Your Marketing with “Triple Plays”

You can always use more brand content — white papers, videos, webinars, infographics — all good. Find out how you can expand the reach of your brand content by planning for marketing “triple plays” right from the beginnings of content creation. Continue reading

By Justin Gray published August 2, 2012

Content Tips to Get Better Performance from Your Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation software and content marketing make a powerful pair. But the content must match up with what customers actually want to receive. Here are three keys to making your content and your marketing automation software work together to give you the best results for your campaigns. Continue reading