Author: Tom Bishop

Tom Bishop is Director of Marketing and Communications at KnowledgeVision Systems in Lincoln, Massachusetts. He is an experienced Marketing Professional focused on brand strategy, content marketing, social media, campaign management, market segmentation, research and data analysis, and business development. He brings a great deal of experience in start up companies that are positioned for rapid growth. He received his MBA from Boston University in 2002. Follow Tom on Twitter @MyLeftOne.

By tombishop published August 9, 2012

4 Ways to Take Action via Your Content

The following video post has been transcribed below for your convenience. 

Hello, I’m Tom Bishop, and I’m all about action. If you’re watching this video because of a link on a social network, that’s an action. I took an action to post this video to that site, and you took an action to view it. It might not be the kind of action that wins medals or loses weight, but it does accomplish something.Continue Reading