Author: TJ Leonard

TJ Leonard is the CEO of Storyblocks, the first subscription-based stock media company that disrupted the industry by empowering the mass creative class with studio-quality digital assets.

By tjleonard published December 12, 2017

Stock 2.0: What Savvy Marketers Need to Know About the Changing Rules of Visual Content



Back in 2015, Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco, and Tom Wilkinson were featured in a series of parody stock photos to promote their upcoming movie Unfinished Business. The film has a 10% rating on, so don’t worry if you never saw it.

The faux stock photos were the best part anyway.

This series of images inserted the three actors’ heads into existing photos, creating a hilarious mockery of the genre.

The movie was terrible, but its promotional tactic was a watershed moment for visual content. Bland, meaningless stock photography had become so ubiquitous – and so universally disliked – that it could be used as a tongue-in-cheek marketing vehicle.

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