Author: Sydni Craig-Hart

Is your organization looking to gain market share and deepen loyalty with small businesses, women, or minorities? Sydni Craig-Hart is CEO of Smart Simple Marketing and a 4th generation entrepreneur. Since 2006, her team, having worked with over 8,000 small businesses in 79 different industries, has been helping companies to drive engagement with sought-after, growing market segments. If you want to increase the value of existing-customer spend, recapture marketing investments, grow customer lifetime value or decrease attrition, connect with Sydni on LinkedIn to discover how her team is doing this for companies like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and more. Be sure to ask about a copy of their best practices case study.

By sydnicraighart published December 17, 2018

Multicultural Marketing: Why You Need to Get Started

“We’ve missed the mark! We apologize.”

That’s what you don’t want to have to say because your company inadvertently offended a diverse group of your target audience in your new campaign. But, don’t those sentences sound familiar?

How often have you recently heard about a marketing campaign gone wrong?

Dolce & Gabbana, Pepsi, Dove, and Nivea have all been heavily scrutinized for recent missteps with their marketing campaigns.

Then, there was the “See Detroit Like We Do” debacle.

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