Author: Susan McKittrick

Sue McKittrick, an analyst with Patricia Seybold Group, specializes in the technologies, processes and metrics that help B2B companies attract and retain profitable customers. She is expert in development of content strategies that draw customers’ interest and content implementation through curation platforms, social media and nurturing programs. You can follow her on Twitter @ssmck.

By susan_mckittrick published February 15, 2012

Content Curation

A poorly understood content marketing tactic could be your most powerful community-building tool

We hear a lot about content curation these days. Some call it a top trend for 2012 and a must-see new technology for marketers. Others say it’s a fad that can’t hold a candle to creation of original content. Take a few minutes to understand what it is and the ways it fits into content marketing strategy. Then make your own decision about its role in your company.Continue Reading