Author: Sunil Rajaraman

Sunil Rajaraman is the founder and CEO of, a marketplace for businesses to hire freelance writers. has a pool of 80,000 freelance writers, and ranks as one of the top five largest writer communities on the internet. currently provides hundreds of businesses with thousands of blog posts, tweets, press releases and articles each month. Scripted's customers include Intuit, Verisign, Levi’s and Viacom.

By sunil-rajaraman published June 11, 2012

When Should You Consider Outsourcing Content Creation?

when to outsource content creation, CMIOutsourcing vs. hiring decisions are tough for any company across any skill set. In particular, engineering and content creation are two areas that companies in our ecosystem constantly struggle with (we are a San Francisco-based start-up). I want to spend some time talking about the latter, and shed some light on how companies here in the Bay Area are thinking about outsourcing content creation.Continue Reading