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Sujan is the leading expert in digital marketing. He is a hard working & high energy individual fueled by his passion to help people and solve problems. He is the co-founder of Web Profits, a growth marketing agency, and a partner in a handful of software companies including, Narrow, Quuu, and Between his consulting practice and his software companies, Sujan’s goal is to help entrepreneurs and marketers scale their businesses. Follow him on Twitter @SujanPatel.

By sujan-patel published June 26, 2017

How to Write Email Newsletters People Want to Open and Act On

how-write-emails-people-open-actThough a person receives an average of 88 emails a day, email is still widely regarded as one of the most effective marketing tools at our disposal.

The average open rate for marketing email across all industries is around 24% and the average click-through rate is around 4% (or 11% of opened emails).

Using those statistics, you can expect to drive approximately four visits to your site for every 100 emails sent.Continue Reading

By sujan-patel published June 14, 2017

9 Strategies for Using Customer Testimonials in Your Content

customer_testimonials_contentWe look for and act on (even if subconsciously) social proof in all areas our life – including how we behave and the purchasing decisions we make online.

It doesn’t matter if that social proof comes from friends or strangers. What matters is that we’re seeing evidence from our peers – in this context, other consumers – that the decision we’re about to make is the right one.

Continue Reading

By sujan-patel published May 22, 2017

19 Favorite Tools for Content Promotion in 2017


I produce a lot of content. Not for the fun of it (although I genuinely do enjoy most of it), but because I want it to increase awareness of my personal brand, drive traffic to my site, and generate leads.

To boost the odds of that happening, I have to ensure that my content gets in front of as many people as possible, and to do that, I have to promote it.Continue Reading

By sujan-patel published May 8, 2017

The Secrets of Content Ideation: Why 4 Out of 5 Articles Fail


I recently mentioned in an AMA discussion on that I expect – and plan – for most of my content to fail. On average, I expect just one in five of my articles to succeed.

Ultimate failure can happen at the start of the content creation process – the ideation stage.

We might be rushed, unsure of our objectives, or just confused about what it is our audience wants. All of these factors can play into the quality of the content we wind up producing and, in turn, what results that content does (or doesn’t) achieve.Continue Reading

By sujan-patel published April 19, 2017

4 Metrics to Track Impact of Content Marketing on Brand Awareness


Before you create content to boost brand awareness, it’s important to consider whether you’re creating the right type of content.

Take infographics. These are most often used as a link-building tool. That’s fine, if gaining links is your goal. Infographics aren’t so effective, however, if what you really want is to increase awareness of your brand. That’s because publishers tend to favor infographics that keep branding to a bare minimum – usually a logo hidden right at the bottom of the content.Continue Reading

By sujan-patel published March 23, 2017

Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Manual Content Creation?


There are only a few industries in which automation isn’t threatening some job roles. That’s a pretty scary thought, right? Well, don’t panic just yet.

“While automation will eliminate very few occupations entirely in the next decade, it will affect portions of almost all jobs to a greater or lesser degree, depending on the type of work they entail,” according to McKinsey Quarterly.Continue Reading

By sujan-patel published February 12, 2017

How to Use Content to Get Your Audience to Trust You


Why are online reviews so prevalent regardless of industry? It’s because we, as consumers, need to be reassured that whatever we’re paying for is going to deliver on its promises.

Integrity is at the heart of this. An honest business that stands by its principles is one that deserves to be trusted. But you can’t just say you have integrity – you have to show it.Continue Reading

By sujan-patel published February 3, 2017

How to Stop Overthinking Your Content and Start Writing What Your Customers Love


You might find it hard to believe, but content doesn’t have to be game-changing to perform well and achieve its objectives. In my experience, a lot of marketers are fixated on creating that “perfect” piece of content. They tell themselves they won’t settle for anything less, but the reality is that what they wind up creating is rarely as revolutionary as they hoped it would be.

There are a few reasons why.Continue Reading

By sujan-patel published January 22, 2017

How to Produce 300 High-Quality Articles a Year: An 8-Step Process


I don’t keep a running score, but between posts for my personal and company site plus my columns on business media sites like Inc., Entrepreneur, and Forbes, I create around 300 articles a year.

Managing this effectively isn’t easy. If I simply wrote what I wanted, when I wanted, I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in right now. Strategy plays a huge part in what I do. And research shows it’s the same for enterprises – if you don’t have a strategy, your content marketing efforts won’t be as effective as they could be.Continue Reading

By sujan-patel published January 4, 2017

10 Interview Questions to Help You Separate Content Marketing Rock Stars From Wannabes


Before I begin, I want to say, “Thank you, internet,” for spawning countless occupations that simply couldn’t exist without you: web designers, app developers, SEOs, and, of course, content marketers. Plenty of the roles suit both creatives and techies.

Digital careers are relatively new and exciting, both for employees and employers. That is, aside from one small problem: How do you pinpoint the best candidate to fill a role that didn’t even exist a few years ago?Continue Reading