Author: Steven Van Belleghem

Steven Van Belleghem is the author of The Conversation Manager and The Conversation Company. Next to that, he's a Professor at the Vlerick Management School and Managing Partner of InSites Consulting. His passion is helping clients in making strategic marketing decisions. Together with his team, he’s helping companies get a grip on the current consumers through branding, advertising and conversations. You can follow Steven on Twitter @StevenV Be.

By steven-van-belleghem published January 4, 2013

4 Steps to Strengthen Your Social Media Channels

social media channels for content marketingA large number of companies are thinking about their next steps in social media, and one of the key factors in any social media strategy is the channel/content debate. Companies are struggling to capitalize on their use of social media channels. To provide some guidance, we would like to share our approach on how to make effective use of social media channels in order to spread content. (To read all the details about this philosophy, feel free to download the full paper here.)Continue Reading

By steven-van-belleghem published October 21, 2012

Content Marketing Research: 5 Ways You Should Adapt for 2013

content marketing research, adapt for 2013In the next few weeks, companies will be working on their marketing plans for 2013 and, for many of them, content marketing will play a part in those plans. If you are involved in planning those content marketing efforts, you will likely need to consider a few important changes in online consumer behavior.

Research agency InSites Consulting, data and sampling partner SSI, and translation agency No Problem! recently conducted a global consumer survey to better understand the consumer. Based on this research, we were able to draw five key conclusions that content marketers should take into account as they start to plan for 2013.Continue Reading

By steven-van-belleghem published July 4, 2012

The Conversation Company: Teaching Content Marketers to Tap into the Unused Conversation Potential

The Conversation Company, CMIEditor’s Note: As a content marketer, there is a lot you want to learn, but you can’t possibly keep up with all of the blog posts — and books — about this emerging field. We have asked authors to share the key points from their books — explaining specifically how they can help with content marketing — so you can decide if this is a book for you.

First up is Steven Van Belleghem, author of the recently released book, The Conversation Company.”Continue Reading

By steven-van-belleghem published February 22, 2012

How 3 Content Levels Can Make for Better Content Planning

Content is, without a doubt, a hot topic in the modern world of marketing. Of course most companies realize that the classic communication model needs to be adapted; but to many, the notion of content marketing is still difficult to grasp.

In the past few months, we’ve conducted numerous interviews with marketers in order to understand their vision of content marketing. We also studied the expectations of consumers to get their points of view. Based on what we found, we wanted to share some of our ideas for making better content planning a more understandable and achievable goal.

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