Author: Steven Macdonald

Steven MacDonald is a Content Marketer at SuperOffice . Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Steven helps global brands create engaging content that turns anonymous web visitors into happy and loyal customers. You can connect with Steven on LinkedIn and Twitter @StevenMacd0nald .

By steven-macdonald published January 13, 2015

Pillars of Content Marketing Success


More content is being created in 48 hours than what was produced from the beginning of time until 2003.” – Eric Schmidt

It’s difficult to comprehend how much content is being produced, isn’t it? Did you know there are more than 2 million blog posts published every single day? It wasn’t long ago when I was updating web content once or twice per year; yet now you have websites like Huffington Post that update content more than a thousand times per day. Sounds crazy, right?Continue Reading