Author: Steve Rayson

Steve Rayson is one of the directors and owners of BuzzSumo. He undertakes regular research on why and how content resonates with audiences. Steve is particularly interested in how content gets amplified through shares and links. Follow him on Twitter @SteveRayson.

By steve-rayson published January 9, 2017

Shares Are Not Enough: How to Amplify Your Content and Build Links


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During my recent content research I came across the ultimate social media marketers quiz. Here are three questions I have for you about this quiz:

  • How many shares did the quiz get?
  • How many people viewed the quiz?
  • How many sites linked to it?

The answers are almost 8,000 shares, 5,500 views, and zero links. Yes, more people shared this quiz than viewed it and not a single person linked to it.Continue Reading