Author: Stephanie Beadell

Stephanie Beadell is the Director of Content at BuzzStream, a CRM tool for content marketers that helps with managing influencer relationships and outreach. She co-authored The Advanced Guide to Content Promotion earlier this year. You can follow her on Twitter.

By stephanie-beadell published July 23, 2014

Thought Leadership Strategy: A 3-Step Framework for Influencer Outreach

influencer-outreach-gameplanWhen promoting content, a good influencer outreach campaign can be the difference between hundreds of views and thousands. It can mean real press coverage, new audiences, and even revenue growth.

The most successful of these campaigns begins weeks (or even months) in advance of the content’s launch, giving marketers plenty of time to nurture relationships with influencers and gain visibility within communities — essential components of any successful thought leadership strategy.Continue Reading