Author: Skip Besthoff

Skip is the CEO of InboundWriter, the leader in content performance improvement. Skip has been in and around software and Internet-based businesses his entire career, from his first job at Andersen Consulting (Accenture) coding large-scale systems to funding and helping build fledgling startups into successful companies. Many of the software and e-commerce companies he has worked with have gone on to become successful enterprises including Avendra, Intralinks, Everdream, ByAllAcounts, MPV and others. In addition to being a contributor to CMI, he is a frequent speaker on content marketing and his insights have been published by, Fast Company, Advertising Age, MediaPost and many other industry publications. For more information, please visit InboundWriter. To learn more about how your content will perform before you write it, please read InboundWriter's latest white paper, Change the Rules of the Game: Know How Your Content Will Perform Before You Write It.

By skip-besthoff published December 2, 2014

How to Know What Content Drives Traffic


At least eight of every 10 pieces of content flatline when it comes to generating web traffic – often the goal of many content marketing campaigns. So, how well do your pieces of content perform? It’s possible to leverage your analytics to measure, improve content performance, and create content that drives better web traffic.

Most publishers and marketers only look at general, site-level trending graphs to see how content performs. This single measurement approach is not only misleading, but it will not work if you’re serious about improving content performance. You have to think about content performance with a decent level of granularity and precision.Continue Reading

By skip-besthoff published September 9, 2013

Improve Your Website Content’s Quality: 5 Ways to Drive High Performance

drive better website content performance-carThe digital marketing world is increasingly competitive and driven by content. To play in this landscape, best practices drive digital marketers and publishers to crank out as much website content as possible. The thinking is that by publishing a lot of content — specifically content that is well-written (including in an SEO sense) — traffic and engagement will follow.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Your competitors are doing the exact same thing, and the net effect is that a lot of relatively low-quality content is flooding the market. Rather than providing your audience with valuable information that builds trust, credibility, and engagement, this approach creates a cluttered and frustrating experience — the exact opposite of the desired effect. Continue Reading