Author: Simon Penson

Simon is a former magazine editor turned content marketing agency founder. His team is based in the UK and focuses on data-led content marketing, utilizing in-house SEO skills to inform and aid its creative work. He speaks regularly in the UK on digital marketing. You can find more about his content marketing agency by following the link and you can follow Simon on Twitter.

By simon-penson published November 9, 2012

How to Reverse Engineer the Perfect Content Strategy

reverse engineer content strategyIf one thing is certain in life it’s that very few ideas are genuinely groundbreaking, never-seen-before moments of genius. The reality is that almost everything that we do now is either a reinvention of the wheel or a plain-and-simple rehashing of something that has come before.

Some might say these ideas are lame concepts created for and by people too lazy to come up with something of their own. If you believe that, then you’re missing out on a lifetime of learning. Put simply, ideas are very rarely about the concepts themselves but more about the execution. It’s in the execution that brilliance lies.

I use reverse engineering a lot, and when it comes to content strategy, there are few better ways of using this little trick than by “borrowing” content flow and content strategy from the guys and girls who know it best.Continue Reading